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Updated by Matt Moore on Nov 22, 2016
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Staying Fit - Health in the News

A nice random assortment of health related tidbits to remember and incorporate into your daily life.

Stay Safe With These Nighttime Running Safety Tips

The arrival of fall and the end of daylight savings time means less daylight. If you enjoy running, here's what to do to stay safe when running at night.

Muscle fitness is important for teens and adults

It is well established that performing regular muscle fitness exercise is important for building and maintain strong bones.

How to fit in some fitness amid the holiday hustle

Maintaining your fitness routine is doable — and worth it in the long run.

Crawling has some fitness experts going gaga

Crawling, the new fitness trend? Some experts aren't sure whether it will catch on, but they call it an effective core workout -- if done right.

Best ways to stay on track with fitness trackers

Runners love statistics. We love to figure out goal paces, study elevation charts and pore over race reports.

How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation This Winter So You Have No Regrets

It can be tough to stay motivated in the cold winter months, but here are some suggestions to keep you working toward your fitness goals.

Marine Corps: Spiritual Fitness Is a Necessary Component of Effective Military Service

Recently, the Marine Corps announced it is planning to develop a program of “spiritual fitness training” in order to “build the kind of mental resilience necessary for war,” according to chaplain Rear Admiral Brent Scott. This is a welcome development, and it is good to see the military formally recognize a very basic truth about the human person: we are more than just a collection of muscle, bones, and tissue. After a long time in the Middle East, Scott said he “found that much of the resilience we saw was not necessarily attributed to something that somebody could do in the gym. A ...

Buy the best fitness tracker or smartwatch on Black Friday

Find out how to pick the very best fitness tracker or smartwatch, as well as the deals you can expect to see on Black Friday.