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Updated by Advanced Locksmiths on Nov 22, 2016
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Top Tips for Deterring Car Thieves

Car thieves are always finding new ways to commit car crime despite the evolving security technology available, so it’s important to do all that we can to help keep our vehicles safe from criminals. Whilst experienced thieves may have developed new techniques to break into vehicles, there are also a number of techniques that you take advantage of to deter car thieves.


Always double check your vehicle is locked

Most modern cars have central locking and will make a sound when you lock them using your key fob; an increasing number of cars also flash their lights. When you lock your car, be sure to stay close and check for audible and visual signs that your car is locked. If you don’t get any sign that your car is locked, it could be that your key fob is faulty and you need a replacement car key.

If you have any doubt at all whether your car is locked properly, it never hurts to pull the door handle before you walk away.


Hide your belongings

It may sound pretty obvious, but a lot of people don’t bother to hide all of their belongings. You should always take your belongings with you if possible, but if not, make sure to conceal them in the boot, in a storage compartment, or in your glove box, away from the eyes of burglars.

Whilst valuables are most attractive to thieves, you should be sure to hide any items. Even bags or clothing left on the seats are attractive to thieves as they could be hiding something that is more valuable. It’s also important not to leave any paperwork on view, as you could be targeted for identity theft, or if the paper shows your address, opportunistic thieves could target your home, knowing that you are out.


Park in as safe a place as possible

Car theft can be a problem in all areas, including the most upmarket parts of town, but you can help to deter car thieves by parking in well-lit areas. For example, park underneath a street lamp if possible as your car will be more visible and thieves will more likely be seen. If possible, you should also try to park somewhere where your car is visible from inside – even if you can’t get a good view of your car, someone else might notice something and raise the alarm.


Park smart

Car thieves will always be attracted to cars that are parked in way that makes them easy to steal, therefore, you should park in a way that doesn’t allow a quick exit. Parking on a drive is always advisable when possible as thieves will not want to come close to your house, but be sure to drive forwards onto your drive rather than reversing on. Thieves will likely be deterred by a car that can be driven off without much manoeuvring.

If you are parking on the road, turn your wheels into the kerb, as it will take much more time and effort for thieves to move your car.


Keep your car keys in a safe place

Don’t leave your car keys in close proximity to any windows or doors and don’t keep them visible. Many car thieves gain entry to vehicles by fishing for keys through a letter box or window using a length of wire and a hook. You should also think about where you keep your car keys when you are out; if possible try to carry them in an inside pocket so they are harder for pickpockets to access.