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Gazelles & Deer in Sri Bani Yas Island - Running in the wild

When you are staying at any of the Resorts in Abu Dhabi, you can't escape the wildlife. Being an integral part of Abu Dhabi, the wildlife includes many gazelles and deer that are listed here for you.


Goitered Gazelle

Also known as the Arabian Sand, the Goitred Gazelle is one of the famous icons of Sir Bani Yas Island. You will undoubtedly encounter them on your nature walks (which you can take on your own or have your hotel, for instance, Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort, arrange them for you). Being hardened desert dwellers, the Gazella subgutturosa Marcia are able to extract moisture from the food they consume, that make up for most of the moisture that their body requires. Weighing anywhere between 18kg to 33kg, these creatures can grow up to a height of 56cm. native to the Asian continent, the Goitred Gazelle can maintain a speed of 60km/h.


Arabian Mountain Gazelle

As the name itself suggests, the Arabian Mountain Gazelle are quite adapted to the hardy conditions of the desert mountains and are able to live for days without water. They are able to survive on whatever the moisture their diet of grasses and leaves give them, and on a few dew drops. Slightly faster than the average Goitred Gazelle, Arabian Mountain Gazelle runs about 65 km/h, and roam in small groups of three to eight numbers.



Also known as the Indian Antelope, the Blackbuck is taller than the other gazelles and deer of the desert, growing to a height of about 80cm. they weight around 50kg, the weight of a healthy grown human. While the Blackbuck, too, is native to the Indian subcontinent and is mainly found in Nepal, India, and Pakistan, you are sure to see them on Sir Bani Yas Island too. This is one of the fastest mammals on land, being able to run up to 90km/h. While the Blackbuck's diet comprises mostly of different grasses that are found in the area, they enjoy munching on acacia trees too.


Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer is the one you would find most photogenic due its spectacular antlers. The antlers are made of bone and are shed and regrown every season. The antlers increase the apparent height of the deer to an impressive 75cm to 85cm. Unlike the other deer in this list, the Fallow Deer or Cervus dama is native to Europe. The weight of the deer is on the lower end, though, a mere 30kg.


Axis Deer

If you have visited a tropical Asian country such as Sri Lanka, you would have come across the Axis deer. Also known as the Chital, these deer are a common sight in the Indian subcontinent. The male species of Axis axis has antlers, while the females are without. They are also commonly referred to as spotted deer due to the splattering of spots on their backs. The adult Axis deer has a brighter splattering of spots while the fawns' spots are rather dark.

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