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Painting and Decorating

Here are the best painting and decorating ideas, tips and guides.

Top Winter painting tips you should not be missing

Are looking for some useful winter painting tips? For your ease, here are some painting tips that can come to the smart move during the winter season.

Everything you need to know about wall covering

At the moment wall covering provides a wealthy selection of styles and colours compare to the earlier time. This also makes you capable of creating the exact decor you desire.

Check out the delight Ways to add colour to a room

Selecting colour to a room is very critical decision you make. To get more check out these delight ways to add colour to a room.

Best Christmas decoration ideas you should not miss

How are you planning to celebrate your Christmas more joyful? Here are some of the Best Christmas decoration ideas you should not miss.

Contemporary Design Tips that Every Home requires

Looking for contemporary design tips? Find here some contemporary design tips that brings remarkable appearance to your place.

Follow these creative ways to create neutral colour scheme

Looking for some easy way to create neutral colour scheme? The article provides some creative ways to create colour scheme

Top painting tips: Painting kitchen tiles

Painting kitchen tiles is the cost-effective way to give fresh look to kitchen. Here are some painting tips that you will love to apply in your kitchen.

Are you familiar with these handy painting tools?

Are you familiar with these painting tools? Whether you paint the walls or furnishings the ideal house painting tools and colours makes the life simple.

5 common paint colour mistakes you should not repeat

Beautiful paint colour makes a beautiful and attractive home. Are you doing these paint colour mistakes? If yes, do not repeat it.

How to paint room: the easiest steps painting your space

Painting a room is a simplest way to add flair to your home.Learn how to paint room easily by following these ten simple steps.

Top painting plus decoration ideas for workplace

Painting plus decoration help to give a striking appearance to your Sydney workplace. Here are some simple painting plus decoration ideas for the workplace.

Professional painting and decorating tips

The Beauty of room depends on painting and decoration material you prefer.If you desire to make your home attractive, get some painting decorating tips .

Best option for temporary wall covering

Read the article to find out best option for temporary wall covering. Also, try ultra products that makes your rental feel as home without any damages.

How to select colours for small room?

Colours make your home attractive. Select perfect colour to make it beautiful. This article outlines some tips to select colours for small room.

Painting VS decorating all you need to know

The article provides some details on painting VS decorating. They are the application of paints and decoration venture in the internal and external area.

Best points to note down before remodelling house

Here are some best points to note down before remodelling house in Sydney Following these points will make your remodelling plan more effective.

Top ways to decide exterior painting colours for your house

These are some top ways to decide exterior painting colours for your residence. Read the article and get some ideas for selecting the paint colour.

Decoration secrets that makes your room more attractive

Read and understand some decoration secrets that make your room more attractive. Applying them definitely makes you residence attractive.

Handy tips for selecting right Paint Colour

Handy tips for selecting right Paint Colour. If you are confused on selecting the right paint colour, then reading the article can be useful.

#PaintingServicesSydney – Anti-Graffiti Strategies and Removal Methods

Graffiti is the most common form of modern vandalism against public and private buildings. Because of the nature of the problem, various strategies may be employed to minimise or prevent graffiti attack and consequent remediation of assets. Minimise accessibility to potential sites by “proactive” or “reactive” regimes.

How to Remove Paint Stains From Clothes and Fabrics

Dripping paint on your clothes or on other fabrics doesn’t have to ruin the items. Most paint stains can be removed from clothes and other items such as drapes, blankets, and upholstery. Here is how you can remove paint stains that are both oil-based and water-based.

#Painters North Shore - Roller Application

Rollers come in a range of sizes, a range of nap (fabric) lengths, ‘and fabric types, generically synthetic or wool. The size, (width), of roller is usually dictated by the area to be painted. The type of nap is usually dictated by the substrate –

Safety Precautions and Personal Protection When Using Spray Equipment

Things to remember while painting with spray.

#Decorating your child's room?

One of the most simple but effective ways of brightening up your child’s bedroom or playroom is by painting the walls. As well as positively affecting mood, it gives the opportunity to reflect your child’s personality and style.