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Best Holiday Art Gifts Guggenheim Museum

Have hard to buy for art lovers on your Holiday Gifts List? The Guggenheim can help with these great art gifts.

Non-Objective Hoodie

Our new lightweight hoodies are a clever tribute to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's first New York-based venue for the display of art, the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. Founded in 1937, this was where the Guggenheim collection was housed prior to the museum's recent expansion.

Curagami Note
The Guggenheim's full title is Guggenheim Museum of Non-Objective Art. We love this riff on a name that sounded a bit full of itself then (1920s).

Non-Objective Cap

Non-Objective Cap with adjustable size strap.

Curagami Note
The Guggenheim Museum of non-objective art is the museum's full title. Pretension then, funny now, this cap is a great pair with the non-objective shirt gift. Perfect for all the non-objects on your holiday gift list.

LEGO Guggenheim Museum

Build your own replica of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, one of New York City's best known museums designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century.

Curagami Note
Have Lego fans on your Holiday Gift List? This puzzle would be a great challenge and an even better gift.

Prairie House Block Set

The Prairie House set contains 68 blocks (in addition to the tray and lid) that are identical to the Froebel Gifts blocks in size and material. A full-color instruction sheet provides background information on Wright and a guide for assembling the house.

Curagami Note
Have architecture or Wright prairie style fans on your Holiday Gift List? This block puzzle from the Guggenheim will be fun for builders of all ages.

Deluxe Kandinsky Puzzle

This deluxe, 850 piece puzzle features Vasily Kandinsky's 1925 work, Yellow, Red, Blue.

Curagami Note
Can't drink the entire Holidays away, so spill out this Kandinsky puzzle and tell your crowd how challenging it is. You won't have to say much more...for days. What is a better gift at the holidays than concentrated silence? Sure way to avoid all those family hard topics. Just don't spill the puzzle on a table you need to eat off of since it will take hours and days to finish this 850 piece jigsaw puzzle.

New York City Snow Globe

The New York City Snow Globe contains a little bit of everything, celebrating the diverse and limitless ways to encounter the city for tourists and locals alike.

Curagami Note
Snow Globes can be tacky, but not this one from the Guggenheim. New York in all it's glory is wedged into this very cool white on white snow globe. Great gift for any art lover who also loves New York and what art lover doesn't love NYC? Answer none.

Guggenheim Building Mobile by Flensted

Designed in co-operation with the Guggenheim Museum, Flensted's Guggenheim Building Mobile features Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic 1959 spiral, the 1992 museum addition and the skyscrapers that define the New York City skyline.

Curagami Note
Interesting how much easier it is to show the Guggenheim's renovation than Wright's building If you're like us you are glad the Guggenheim build a new facility since looking at art in the Wright building is almost impossible.

Guggenheim Logo Mug

This mug features the Guggenheim’s sleek black on black logo.

Curagami Note
Subtle and beautiful the grey on black Guggenheim mug says, "I love art, but don't need to broadcast it". Great gift for any Guggenheim Museum or art lover on your holiday gift list the Guggenheim Mug looks like the coffee you'll drink from it.

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present Exhibition Tote

This canvas tote features a design based on one of artist László Moholy-Nagy's typo collages. The reverse panel displays the exhibition title, Moholy-Nagy: Future Present.

Curagami Note
Sorry we missed this show. Future Present sounds too cool and this bag should go to those "too cool" art lovers on your holiday gift list.