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A1 Windscreens

A1 Windscreens is a family owned business that provides windscreen chip or crack repairs and replacement services in Melbourne.


Does The Truck Require Windscreen Replacement Right Away?

Windscreens require repair and replacement due to a lot of impact damage, cracks, and wear and tear.

Not only cars but truck windscreen replacement is also possible to ensure drivers get clear vision at night. In case of any damage, windscreen replacement is a necessity to ensure safety of occupants too.

We ensure affordable windscreen replacement price.

Why Choose Us?

• We have an experienced team of repairers and installers, certified, to ensure 100% safety
• A1 Windscreens offers same day service
• We offer competitive windscreen replacement pricing to our customers.
• A1 Windscreens is in business for more than 25 years now.

For any kind of windscreen repair or replacement, get A1Windscreen replacement price by calling us on (03) 59450333 (Pakenham) and (03) 87957400 (Hallam). We would be happy to assist you with truck windscreen replacement instantly.

Why You Should Go For The Professional Marine Glass Replacement?

Marine glasses are used on window and windscreen of boats, yacht, and ships. The windows face constant wear and tear due to air and water pressure.

Repairing or replacing the marine glass on your own is not advisable. Hire the service of professional marine glass replacement service provider for any repairs and replacements that are needed.

Why Choose Us?

• A1 windscreens have over two decades of experience working with companies in the marine industry and independent boathouse and yacht owners.

• We provide fast repair services at the most reasonable prices

• After-hours services also available.

Always opt for professional marine glass replacement services by A1 windscreens that provide the most efficient replacement services at highly reasonable prices.

Call us at (03) 87957400 (Hallam) and 03-59450333 (Pakenham).

Protect your Windows with Anti-graffiti film

However, being made of glass, they are susceptible to scratches, breaking and maybe even vandalism. What can you do to protect it and help it last longer?

More importantly, what action can you take to ensure it is stronger, effective and your safety is not compromised upon? A protected glass means a protected home and that’s where anti-graffiti film comes in.

3 Reasons to Fix Your Windscreen Immediately!

A car’s windscreen plays a huge role in the safety of a car. However the importance of a windscreen is often undermined.

All you need to know about loose rocks chipping your windscreen

The only thing more agonising than rocks hitting your windscreen while you drive, is the crack they cause on your beloved windscreen. There’s nothing minor in the issue of a chipped windscreen and having one can damage your vehicle in much bigger ways than they see. A chipped windscreen is also a risk as it…

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Windscreen

While speaking of maintenance of one’s vehicle the first thought to mind is that of servicing, however regular maintenance consists of more than just servicing. It is quite surprising how many people actually neglect their windscreen during the maintenance of their vehicle.

Is your farming business affected due to the broken windscreen of your agricultural vehicle? Don’t worry! We at A1 Windscreens can help you change that curve!

Your agricultural vehicle’s windscreen needs to be in good shape to ensure maximum productivity of all agricultural and plant activities. A broken, chipped or cracked one can make your agricultural vehicle useless and hinder business.

We can provide reliable and professional agricultural windscreen repair in Melbourne for your farming business to reach its full potential, again.

We can also provide comprehensive repair service for tractors, diggers, plant machinery, cranes and combine harvesters.

Why choose our services?

• On-site replacement of windscreens
• SIKA accredited and certified installers
• Same day service

For prompt, efficient and affordable agricultural windscreen repair and replacement, get in touch with us today!

The Importance of a Professional Glass Scratch Removal Service

Who doesn’t love to have a pristine, scratch-free glass window? If you are looking for professional glass scratch removal services, A1 Windscreens is the perfect service for you. We can remove scratches and hard water stains too. We also provide windscreen chip and crack repair services.

Why you should always opt for hiring a professional and not a DIY method

• Highest quality scratch removal
• They are equipped with the latest technology and tools
• They adhere to the prescribed safety standards

Why Choose Us?

• SIKA accredited and certified team
• Quality workmanship
• After-hour service available
• Affordable pricing

We offer a professional scratch removal service that speaks for itself. For a free price quote, call 03 8795 7400.

Getting Your Car Tinted in Melbourne Can Protect You from UV Rays

Did you know that getting a car tint in Melbourne can enhance the look of your vehicle while preventing up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating through? Thus, if you are searching for the best-in-class tinting for cars in Melbourne, A1 Windscreens is a one-stop solution.

Benefits of Car Window Tinting in Melbourne:

• Maintains a cool and comfortable temperature inside the car
• Offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays
• Offers privacy while driving
• Looks attractive

Why Choose Us?

• Life-time warranty
• Professional installation
• High-quality car tint
• 30+ years of experience
• Competitive pricing
• Free quote

For all your needs for car window tinting in Melbourne, get in touch with us at (03) 8795 7400.