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A1 Windscreens

A1 Windscreens is a family owned business that provides windscreen chip or crack repairs and replacement services in Melbourne.


Prompt & Efficient Bus Windscreen Replacement

Need to fix your bus windscreen? A1 Windscreens can help! We have a team of experienced technicians who are trained to handle windscreen replacement for all kinds of buses, including school, coach, RV, mini, etc. We utilise only high-quality glass in compliance with Australian and international standards, providing you complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

• Quality glass as per the Australian standards
• Highly trained and qualified technicians
• Guaranteed workmanship
• After-hour service available
• Affordable

Don’t let broken glass close down your bus route! For reliable and affordable bus windscreen replacement, call us on (03) 87957400 (Hallam) or (03) 59243000 (Pakenham) today!

On-Site Forklift Glass Replacement at Affordable Price

When you need reliable and fast forklift glass replacement in and around Melbourne, look no further than A1 Windscreens. For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing and installing windscreen and mounting frames for most of the type of forklifts. Toyota Material Handling, Bobcat, Crown are some of our clients whom we have worked for. Besides this, we also offer clear safety film to strengthen the windows and windscreens and minimise the injury risk.

Why Choose Us?

• Family owned and operated business
• Over 30 years of experience
• After hours and on-site service
• High-quality glass and workmanship
• Competitive pricing

To get a quote for your forklift glass replacement, call us on (03) 87957400 (Hallam) or (03) 59243000 (Pakenham).

Why You Should Go For The Professional Marine Glass Replacement?

Marine glasses are used on window and windscreen of boats, yacht, and ships. The windows face constant wear and tear due to air and water pressure.

Repairing or replacing the marine glass on your own is not advisable. Hire the service of professional marine glass replacement service provider for any repairs and replacements that are needed.

Why Choose Us?

• A1 windscreens have over two decades of experience working with companies in the marine industry and independent boathouse and yacht owners.

• We provide fast repair services at the most reasonable prices

• After-hours services also available.

Always opt for professional marine glass replacement services by A1 windscreens that provide the most efficient replacement services at highly reasonable prices.

Call us at (03) 87957400 (Hallam) and 03 5924 3000 (Pakenham).

Protect your Windows with Anti-graffiti film

However, being made of glass, they are susceptible to scratches, breaking and maybe even vandalism. What can you do to protect it and help it last longer?

More importantly, what action can you take to ensure it is stronger, effective and your safety is not compromised upon? A protected glass means a protected home and that’s where anti-graffiti film comes in.

3 Reasons to Fix Your Windscreen Immediately!

A car’s windscreen plays a huge role in the safety of a car. However the importance of a windscreen is often undermined.

All you need to know about loose rocks chipping your windscreen

The only thing more agonising than rocks hitting your windscreen while you drive, is the crack they cause on your beloved windscreen. There’s nothing minor in the issue of a chipped windscreen and having one can damage your vehicle in much bigger ways than they see. A chipped windscreen is also a risk as it…

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Windscreen

While speaking of maintenance of one’s vehicle the first thought to mind is that of servicing, however regular maintenance consists of more than just servicing. It is quite surprising how many people actually neglect their windscreen during the maintenance of their vehicle.

Is your farming business affected due to the broken windscreen of your agricultural vehicle? Don’t worry! We at A1 Windscreens can help you change that curve!

Your agricultural vehicle’s windscreen needs to be in good shape to ensure maximum productivity of all agricultural and plant activities. A broken, chipped or cracked one can make your agricultural vehicle useless and hinder business.

We can provide reliable and professional agricultural windscreen repair in Melbourne for your farming business to reach its full potential, again.

We can also provide comprehensive repair service for tractors, diggers, plant machinery, cranes and combine harvesters.

Why choose our services?

• On-site replacement of windscreens
• SIKA accredited and certified installers
• Same day service

For prompt, efficient and affordable agricultural windscreen repair and replacement, get in touch with us today!

The Importance of a Professional Glass Scratch Removal Service

Who doesn’t love to have a pristine, scratch-free glass window? If you are looking for professional glass scratch removal services, A1 Windscreens is the perfect service for you. We can remove scratches and hard water stains too. We also provide windscreen chip and crack repair services.

Why you should always opt for hiring a professional and not a DIY method

• Highest quality scratch removal
• They are equipped with the latest technology and tools
• They adhere to the prescribed safety standards

Why Choose Us?

• SIKA accredited and certified team
• Quality workmanship
• After-hour service available
• Affordable pricing

We offer a professional scratch removal service that speaks for itself. For a free price quote, call 03 8795 7400.

Getting Your Car Tinted in Melbourne Can Protect You from UV Rays

Did you know that getting a car tint in Melbourne can enhance the look of your vehicle while preventing up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating through? Thus, if you are searching for the best-in-class tinting for cars in Melbourne, A1 Windscreens is a one-stop solution.

Benefits of Car Window Tinting in Melbourne:

• Maintains a cool and comfortable temperature inside the car
• Offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays
• Offers privacy while driving
• Looks attractive

Why Choose Us?

• Life-time warranty
• Professional installation
• High-quality car tint
• 30+ years of experience
• Competitive pricing
• Free quote

For all your needs for car window tinting in Melbourne, get in touch with us at (03) 8795 7400.

Tram Windscreen Replacement

A1 Windscreens is one of the highly reputed and trustworthy names, specialising in providing Tram windscreen repair in Melbourne at highly competitive pricing. We offer comprehensive windscreen solutions including, manufacturing and installing tram windscreen and saloon glass. We offer tram windscreen replacement in Melbourne as well.

We are SIKA accredited installers, ensuring to complete the job with the industry's highest standard. We take immense pride in working with some of the renowned companies, including Bombardier Transport, UGL, Siemens, Yarra Trams.

Why Choose Us?

  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Job done right, every time
  • Fast, reliable and guaranteed service
  • Highly experienced, certified and insured installers
  • Competitive pricing

Feel free to call us on 03 8795 7400 (Hallam) or 03 5924 3000 (Pakenham) to discuss your requirements.

Highest Quality Window Film in Melbourne at Great Price

If you are in need of window film in Melbourne, trust the experts at A1 Windscreens. With over 30 years of experience and attention-to-detail, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship. Also known as safety film and anti-graffiti film, it protects the glass against any damage.

Benefits of installing window film:

• Blocks UV rays
• Effective glare and heat reduction
• Enhanced privacy and security
• Protect your car’s interior from fading
• Better resale value

Why Choose A1 Windscreens?

• On-site installation service
• After-hour service available
• Highest quality products
• Professional and prompt installation
• Same day service

Call us on 03 8795 7400 (Hallam) or 03 5924 3000 (Pakenham) to get top-notch products and professional installation at competitive pricing.

Get Same Day Car Side Window Replacement in Melbourne

Have you got a chip or crack in your side window? Look no further than A1 Windscreens for reliable and efficient car side window replacement in Melbourne. We offer quality car side window and car rear window replacement for all vehicle makes and models. Our team is experienced and equipped to handle the job with professionalism and the utmost precision.

Why Choose Us?

• Family owned and operated business
• SIKA accredited and certified installers
• After-hour service available
• Same day service
• Affordable pricing

Don’t compromise on your safety. For professional car side window replacement, give us a call on 03 8795 7400.

Same Day Truck Windscreen Replacement Service in Melbourne

A cracked or broken windscreen can be dangerous. A1 Windscreens offers a professional on-site truck windscreen replacement service at highly competitive pricing. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are confident enough to guarantee our workmanship, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether it's a minor chip or a huge crack, you should get it replaced immediately.

Why Choose Us?

• High-quality glass and workmanship
• Experienced and certified technicians
• 30+ years of industry experience
• Fast glass service
• Competitive pricing

With us, you no more have to worry about the cost for truck windscreen replacement. We ensure we provide you with an honest and up-front cost. To schedule an appointment, reach us on 03 8795 7400 (Hallam) or 03 5924 3000 (Pakenham) today!

Quality Car Windscreen Repair & Replacement to Rely On

At A1 Windscreens, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of providing quality car windscreen repair and car windscreen replacement at the most competitive pricing. Our highly experienced technicians specialise in all the makes and models, offering emergency windscreen repair and replacement across Melbourne. We ensure that the glass is fit right to guarantee your safety.

Why Choose Us?

• 30+ years of extensive experience
• SIKA accredited and certified technicians
• On-site windscreen repair and replacement
• High-quality glass and workmanship
• Competitive pricing

No matter, whether you need a small windscreen repair or complete windscreen replacement, we have got you covered. To request a FREE quote, call us on 03) 87957400 (Hallam) or (03) 59243000 (Pakenham).

Reliable & Durable Machine Guard Replacement at Best Price

Need to install a new machine safety guard or looking for a machine guard replacement? A1 Windscreens can help! It not only helps protect the employees and machineries but also help adhere to the guidelines of the Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines. Our custom-made safety machine guard is designed as per the exact shape and size of the machinery. No matter, what kind of machinery you have, we can install safety guard for it.

Why Choose Us?

• Professional and quality machine guard replacement service
• 30+ years of extensive experience
• In compliance with the Health & Safety Guidelines
• SIKA accredited installers
• Quality service and workmanship
• Honest, up-front quote

To discuss your requirement or request a FREE quote, feel free to talk to our experts at (03) 87957400 – Hallam or (03) 59243000 – Pakenham today!

Cut to Size Excavator Glass Replacement in Melbourne

Has the windscreen of your excavator broken or shattered? A1 Windscreens can help! We are equipped with proper tools, knowledge and equipment to replace your excavator glass quickly and reduce your downtime. Broken glass can lead to serious safety concerns, thus it is important to trust the experts for excavator glass replacement in Melbourne.

Why Choose Us?

• 30 years of experience and expertise
• SIKA accredited technicians
• We can fix all the makes and models
• Fast Glass service
• Affordable

For prompt, reliable and lasting excavator glass replacement in Melbourne, dial (03) 87957400 – Hallam or (03) 59243000 – Pakenham today!

Professional Van Side Windows in Melbourne at Best Price

Are you planning to add extra windows in your van, A1 Windscreens is here to assist you with fast, professional and durable van side window installation and replacement in Melbourne. We ensure to use only the premium-quality, direct-glazed glass and our trained technicians employed only the state-of-the-art methods for van side window replacement and installment, ensuring that there isn’t any compromise on the quality.

Why Choose Us?

• 30+ years of extensive experience
• SIKA certified and accredited installers
• The same day, on-site service of the van side window
• Lifetime warranty
• Competitive pricing

All our work of van side windows in Melbourne are carried out of the highest standard at pocket-friendly prices. To further inquire, call us on (03) 59243000 – Pakenham or (03) 87957400 – Hallam today!

Block Heat Not View with Our Home & Office Window Tinting Solutions

Undoubtedly, many Australians strive for boosting the energy efficiency of their home or office. We, at A1 Windscreens, offer high-quality home and office window tinting in Melbourne at the most competitive price. Our office and home window tinting helps enhance not only the privacy, security and save energy but also the overall aesthetic appeals of your property. Our tints provide you with much-needed privacy whilst protecting your interiors from harmful UV rays.

Why Hire Us for Tinting Solutions?

• One-stop solution for tinting solutions
• SIKA accredited and certified technicians
• Top-notch products and workmanship
• Anti-Scratch tints
• Lifetime warranty

To find the right home and office window tinting in Melbourne, contact us today on (03) 59243000 – Pakenham or (03) 87957400 – Hallam!

Avoid The Risk! Know If You Can Drive with Windscreen Damage or Not!

Are you driving with windscreen damage? Who can repair your cracked windscreen? If these questions are bothering you, you are in the right place! Generally, a cracked or broken windscreen makes your car un-roadworthy and therefore it is illegal to drive. You can be pulled over by police and asked to pay a hefty fine for the same, thus it’s better to fix the windscreen damage without wasting any time. Professionals at A1 Windscreens have over 30 years of experience in the industry and can restore the safety of your vehicle in no time.

Why Hire a Professional?

• Customer-first approach
• After hours and “Fast glass” service available
• Guaranteed workmanship and products
• SIKA accredited installers

Windscreen damage increases the risks of accidents. Stay safe on road with our expert windscreen repair and replacement solutions! To know more about what we can offer or to request a FREE quote, reach us at (03) 59243000 – Pakenham or (03) 87957400 – Hallam today!