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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Best Ways to Reduce Polythene Usage in Sri Lanka – Help Save the Environment
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Best Ways to Reduce Polythene Usage in Sri Lanka – Help Save the Environment

Polythene usage in Sri Lanka has reached immense proportions. We wrap, carry and store goods in polythene; looking at alternatives will reduce polythene usage and reverse environmental damage.


Stop Buying Bottled Water – Its Simple

Bottled water is handy when you are out and about and need a refreshing drink; but what happens to the bottle after? It gets dumped, pilled and eventually becomes a hazard to the environment. Consider the convenience of taking along your own bottle of water on every journey; this not only reduces the use of plastic but is fairer on your budget.


Take Along your Own Flask for that Coffee Shop Stop

So thoseplastic coffee cups are handy and kind of chic; but after the coffee is gone they are just garbage and unsightly plastic clogging up the environment. Since many of us cannot do without our daily fix of coffee and coffee stops are becoming more popular in Sri Lanka, why not consider the possibility of taking along your own thermos and filling it up. This way the coffee stays warm for longer andis enjoyed better knowing you contributed to saving the environment.


Try to Choose Cardboard Over Plastic

Cardboard is easier to recycle than plastic plus it biodegrades much faster than plastics or aluminium's. Strive to choose products that come in cardboard containers over plastic; for example choose milk in cartons, detergent in boxes rather than bottles, fruit juices in cartons not bottles and even pasta in a box rather than a packet. These little endeavours will gradually help reduce the consumption of plastic in the island.


Refuse Straws

That's right; a mere waif of a straw can add to the country's overall consumption of plastic. Let's face it we don't really need straws; if swigging that drink from the bottle seems ungainly to you, request for a glass. Remember plastic straws are almost always single use items; hence they are thrown away at a much higher rate than any other plastic product.


Take Along your Own Shopping Bag

We all know how tediously the local supermarkets promote the reusable shopping bags; for instance the pioneer big red shopping bag as offered by Keells Super is an icon that brings to mind environmental protection in Sri Lanka. We can opt to take along these shopping bags available in various hues of red, blue or green to the supermarket and say no to the ever ready temptation of the white plastic shopping bag known as "sili sili bags" across the nation. The damage these bags do are detrimental; clogging up drains, stifling the growth of foliage and even posing choking hazards in the hands of young children. Opt for a boxed delivery even when you indulge in online shopping Sri Lanka and help save the environment.

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