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All You Need to Know About Cleaning

Cleaning is a never-ending responsibility, which can be rather annoying, at times even despised, put off or avoided.
Here is a list of tips that hopefully will make your cleaning easier and a little more pleasant then usual.

How Often You Should Clean Everything

This guide to cleaning will tell you how often and when you should clean everything in your home.

6 Homemade Cleaning Recipes for a Sparkling Home

In search of effective cleaning methods, you may often forget about safety and just stock

8 of The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Often times house cleaning seems difficult because we don’t know what areas to actually clean.

This just in: You can clean your jewelry at home your own darn self

Forget getting your jewelry cleaned by an expert. You probably have all the equipment to do it yourself at home.

How to Remove Rust from Chrome

How to Remove Rust from Chrome. Typically, chrome is used to add a shiny or protective coating to other metals, and the metal underneath the chrome is usually the source of rust. Removing this rust with household objects is surprisingly...

How to Remove Blood Stains

How to Remove Blood Stains. Blood stains are really tricky to remove once they set. Removing them before the item is washed and dried is your best bet, but there are ways to get dried blood out of clothing and linens as well. To remove...

How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Windows. Washing windows is generally a job that most people hate, because you have to battle with dirt, dripping water, wads of paper towel or newspaper, and annoying streaks. There are many techniques and methods that you...

Cleaning Tools 101

Grooming brush: It can be used for a vast array of cases and so a great idea is to get yourself at least two/three brushes for the domestic cleaning. Metal brush: It is indispensable when cleaning some truly persistent and dried spots of kitchen grease....

How to Clean Brass

How to Clean Brass. Brass is an alloy of zinc, copper, and sometimes other metals. Brass is a material that has been used by ancient civilizations and modern day people alike due to its durability, elegance, and malleability. However,...

How to Clean a Mattress

How to Clean a Mattress. Does your mattress need to be cleaned? There are several techniques which can be used to remove stains and keep your mattress fresh. Vacuum the mattress. This helps to keep it clean by the sheer fact that when it...