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10 Best Shopping in Uluwatu and Bukit Area

Your reason for visiting Bali may not be embarking on a shopping spree, but it is a part of any vacation. While the high cannot compare to that of the beaches, here are some places to check out.


Jimbaran Corner

Nestled among the beach resorts, Jimbaran Corner is less than half an hour away from Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, a popular Bali Golf Resort. The Corner opened in 2011 and is not just a shopping a complex, but a dining place as well. Luxury brands, as well as renowned dining options, dot the Jimbaran Corner.


Bulgari Boutique

If you seek exclusivity in your purchase, Bulgari Boutique is the place to visit. Being the sole Bulgari outlet in Bali, its key items are branded sterling jewelry, accessories, limited edition watches, and perfumes. The exclusivity of the boutique extends towards apparel as well and sells exotic fabrics and pieces that are Bali-specific.


Jenggala Keramik

Open until almost midnight, Jenggala Keramik is hard to miss it due to its massive warehouse-like structure. It is a wholesale vendor of ceramic ware and is popular for its plates pots and vases. In addition to making a ceramic purchase, you can enjoy a cup of tea in the adjoining café after strolling through one of their frequent art exhibitions.


Paul Ropp Shop Jimbaran

Paul Ropp might not be a name unfamiliar to the fashion-aware ear. The Paul Ropp Shop in Jimbaran offers unique pieces of Bali-wear that are designed by the New York designer. As you walk into the shop, you will be hit with the most discerning feature of Paul Ropp's designs: bold colours that blend and twist to create apparel masterpieces.


NAKA Contemporary Art

As the name suggests, this gallery houses works of art that are contemporary and alluring. There are large panels that consume an entire wall to itself, portraits of women that are bursts of colours, 3D installations of metal and plenty of unique pieces that would look perfect in your living room, or make the perfect gift for your family.


Jimbaran Traditional Market

Moving beyond mere purchases, Jimbaran Traditional Market provides you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of authentic Balinese lifestyle, while enjoying fresh produce, exotic fruits and unique spices that is the essence of local cuisine. The price range at the market is quite low, a bargain, to say the least, as well.


Bali Collection

On the other end of the spectrum from the traditional market is Bali Collection; a high-end shopping complex cum entertainment centre that houses designer brands, international chains as well as high-end local brands. In addition to the global brands of Levi's, Giordano and the like, there are supermarkets as well as department stores all in the same premises.


Konderatu Gallery

Straying off the traditional shopping options, Konderatu Gallery is unique in its celebration of Indonesian heritage. All the pieces at the gallery are antiques that have a rich history, and take with it a sense of heritage wherever it goes. Konderatu may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it truly is a heaven for the collector.


Nusa Surf Wear

Whether you are a man or a woman, Nusa Surf Wear is the place for you. Nusa brand caters to men while deBali is surf wear for women. The attire is beach specific and embodies the spirit of Bali. In addition to the wear, the place also houses paintings, books, fins, sandals, as well as beach shoes.


Nirmala Supermarket Ungasan

A supermarket may seem like an odd place to shop, but Nirmala Supermarket in Ungasan is the oldest of a local supermarket chain. It is the place to go to for a quick shop as it not only has groceries, fruits and vegetables but also toys, accessories, and fashion items.

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