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Best cuisines in Oman - Culinary journeys

When you combine warm hospitality and mouthwatering cuisines you get Oman's culinary delights.



This is traditional Emirati chicken rice porridge with a lip smacking fragrant. Locals enjoy Madrouba on a day-to-day basis or during special occasions. Boneless chicken is cooked along lentils, coriander leaves, oats and of course aromatic Emirati spices. The mixture is cooked for a long time and then mashed up till it becomes porridge. Madrouba is usually consumed with flat bread or rice.



Shuwa is a very popular Omani delicacy prepared specifically on special occasions. A visitor is very lucky if they get to taste this dish since it takes close to 48 hours to prepare it and there's a lot of work that goes into it. The usual preparation includes seasoning a whole cow or goat with spices and then wrapping it in sacks turned out of dry banana or palm leaves. This marinated meat is then kept in an underground sand oven, which is sealed so that smoke doesn't get out. After it's cooked for 48 hours the flavour is absorbed into the meat giving it a unique taste and texture. Shuwa is generally served with plain rice. In villages, the meat is usually distributed among the whole community. But even fine restaurants in Oman such as those at the luxury Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, serve Shuwa as a delicacy for visitors during special events such as Ramadan or national festivals.


Omani Halwa

Omani Halwa is a sweet that is served during times of joy and sorrow. There is not a household in Oman that does not have a bowl of Halwa at any given time. Serving Halwa before a hot cup of Arabian coffee is a basic component of Omani hospitality. The taste of the Halwa, however, differs slightly from one region to the other. Halwa is made with starch, sugar, eggs, ghee, cardamom, saffron, nuts and rose water mixed together. The quality of Omani Halwa can be retained for four months without using any preservatives. It's hard to miss Omani Halwa if you are in the country so make sure to taste some.



Mashuai is another favourite among Omani cuisines. One of the most popular seafood dishes in the country, it consists of a roasted whole kingfish, which is served with flavoursome lemon rice. Mashuai is a tasty as well as a nutritious dish that one must try when in Oman.



If you are invited for coffee at an Omani household, then expect to be served Lokhemat. These are flour and yeast based dumplings that are deep fried till golden brown and mixed with cardamom syrup and sweet lime to add flavor.



Sweetened spice milk tea in Oman is referred to as Karak, this is very much similar to chai (from India). Once the tea is brewed, condensed milk and spices are mixed into it and just like that you get the best tasting cup of milk tea in the world!

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