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Colourful Beach Sea-Shells

The Maldives are renowned for aquatic wonders and uniquely luxurious establishments, making this island collective an Earthly paradise.


Angel Wings

This is one of the most beautiful incarnations of shells. It feels fragile to the touch but the clam armoured with this shell can bore into some of the hardest substances and surfaces. The Angel-Wing is notable for its distinct shape with two halves that make contact at the top of the shell. The overall shape can be described as a spoon-shaped top with a more carved and sharper bottom. Through diving in Maldives, some Angel Wings have been found that are up to seven inches in length. Shells such as these can be found in any pristine beach around resorts such as Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort.



These are another form of bi-valve shells that are commonly found. Their shape is wider and can appear as deep with a potential to act as a floatable. There are various types of Arks that are found all across the world with different varieties appearing in various geographical locations respectively. The Blood Ark is a wondrous sea-creature since it's one of the few of its kind to possess red blood.



Moving away from bi-valves, Auger are distinctively cone-shaped sea-shells with a pointy tip. Most Augers are corrugated in appearance, with an elongated shape that forms a point. Auger-Snails are known to possess a poisonous glad at the tip of the shell, and a harpoon-like tooth is jettisoned from this tip to stab worms and small fish.


Baby's Ear

It comes as no surprise that this variety of shells are so named due to their resemblance in shape to a human ear and their miniature size. The most commonly found Baby's Ears are very small and roundish in appearance with a large opening and a shell that is pure white, the colour of a pearl. Despite the gentle name of the shell, the creatures that inhabit them are carnivorous in nature and are members of the Moon-Shell family.



These are round and flat bi-valve shells whose size can differ greatly depending on the temperature of the water it is found in. Bittersweets found in warm-water climates can amount to sizes of almost five inches in length. Those found in cold water are usually only about half an inch in length. Despite being bi-valve shells, it is very rare to find both halves of the shell. The shells are almost compressed and circular in appearance, with a distinct down-ward pointing beak at the hinge where the two halves are meant to connect.


Scotch Bonnet

These are very iconic shells that belong to what is known as the helmet family. The appearance of the Scotch Bonnet is distinctly egg-shaped with a sharp spire located at the tip, while also possessing an outer lip that has a series of sharp teeth. These shells held a variety of uses for early settlers on the islands, having been used as cooking utensils and even trumpets.

So if you ever find yourself in the Maldives, take a look at the various wondrous sea-shells and see if you have the knowledge to identify their various kinds. The varieties you may discover are almost infinite.

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