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Must try dishes from Guiyang Cuisine – Delicious Treats to Indulge In

Qian cuisine, the cuisine of Guiyang, is highly popular in China and features more than 250 dishes. Featuring complex flavour, beautiful shapes and bright colours, each dish is a work of art.


Spring Chicken

Spring chicken is a highly popular local snack that presents bland varieties of chicken in a whole new light. The chicken can be roasted, fried, braised or stewed but the flavour is absolutely unique and quite popular with travellers from all over the world. The snack keeps the original flavour of the chicken intact while cooking it to perfection. Quite a few Guiyang restaurants offer spring chicken as a staple item in their menus. If you are hoping to enjoy this delicious treat in a luxurious setting, try an upscale option such as the restaurants at Anantara Guiyang Resort for a delectable experience.


Sliced vegetables in rice paper wrappers

These are very similar to Vietnamese spring rolls. As the name suggests, the dish features a selection of seasonal vegetables such as cucumber, deep fried beans and carrots which are beautifully wrapped in rice paper. The spring rolls, known locally as 'Si Wa Wa', are served with sour chilli sauce which can be poured in to the wrappers or used as a dip. The dish is healthy, raw and rich in flavour and fragrant. This dish makes a great appetiser or a light snack.


Chang Wang Noodles

Chang Wang Noodles are highly popular in Guiyang. The dish is prepared with pig blood and intestines along with crispy, fresh noodles. The blood features a delicious flavour and texture. This is definitely a snack for those who don't mind a bit of a culinary adventure.


Boiled fish in sour soup

As the name suggests, this is a dish that features boiled fish in a sour soup. The soup is a delicious brew made of tomato, pepper and a variety of local herbs. The uniqueness of this sour soup is the water it is used to cook. Guiyang cooks use the starchy water in which rice has been washes. This gives the sour soup its distinct white colour. Locally known as Suan Tang Yu, the dish was originally a creation of the Miao People. The final result is a sour, spicy yet fresh and healthy dish that makes the perfect light meal.


Bijie dumplings

Bijie dumplings originated from the Bijie County of the Guizhou Province. The highly popular dumplings pack a flavourful punch and also have a history of more than 50 years. The dumpling is made from top grade glutinous rice. The stuffing for the dumplings are a combination of ham, peanuts, sesame, lard and rock candy. They are formed into dumplings with a thick skin and a thick stuffing to create a rich dish that invites food lovers with its amazing fragrance. Bijie dumplings are definitely a must for every foodie in Guiyang.


Siwawa or silk doll

Silk doll or siwawa is prepared by wrapping up a variety of thinly shredded vegetables in thin pancakes made from rice flour. The name 'silk doll' is derived from the pancakes' appearance of tightly swaddled newborn babies. Guiyang cooks use a handful of shredded vegetables such as bean sprouts, cucumber, radish, kelp, zhe ergen and fried soy beans with chilli paste and wrap it in the rice flour pancake. Then, it is rolled and dipped in hot and sour sauce. The end result is a medley of sour, spicy and flesh flavours and crisp and fresh textures with each mouthful.

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