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Guiyang Attractions

Guiyang, a major city in China is an eclectic mix of old and new, and contains a dynamics range of attractions ranging from ancient architecture to modern marvels.


Jiaxiu Tower

Located among iconic hotels in Guiyang such as Anantara Guiyang Resort, this is one of the most striking attractions in the city, this dark architectural masterpiece has a long history, dating all the way back to the Ming Dynasty from the 16th century. The tower was reconstructed an incredible six times since it was consistently destroyed due to varying causes such as fires. Since four hundred years the tower continues to remain as a symbol of Guiyang city. Jiaxiu Tower means 'The First Scholar's Tower', since it was named after a particular scholar at the time. In line with this name, the tower contains a series of rare and authentic works by various legendary Chinese scholars.


Qianling Park

This park is the epitome of serenity and contains many wonders. The park is named after the famous mountain in Southern Guizhou. One of the most noteworthy sights within the park is the 'holy fountain', which is a natural formation containing water so clean that the people believe it originates from heaven. Additionally, the park contains crystal clear lakes, lush green mountains, ancient temples and peaceful jungle environments. The park is a botanical powerhouse containing up to one-thousand-five-hundred different species of trees and more than a thousand herbs. It even has a number bird species for those interested in bird-watching.


Hongfu Temple

A visit to Guiyang would be in vain if one doesn't visit the largest temple of Zen Buddhism in the entire province. Constructed in the mid-1600s, with the goal of spreading Buddha's teachings in order to benefit mankind, the temple is hailed as a major heritage site throughout all of China. One of the hallmarks of the temple is a gigantic bronze bell that weighs about three tonnes. Additionally, the temple contains countless statues from Buddhist history.


Nanjiang Canyon

Despite being only forty kilometres long, the canyon contains more than eighty natural wonders, with an incredible forty-eight water-falls in total. The best way to explore the canyon is through a raft, which allows you to explore the many wondrous caves that are scattered throughout the region. One of the most popular places to visit within the canyon is Bell Waterfall, where a cave is contained behind the water, allowing one to observe the water falling from within.


Qingyan Ancient Town

One of the few places in China where one can first-hand, experience what it is like to walk through an ancient city. Built during the time of the Ming Dynasty around the 1600s, this incredibly well preserved town features a myriad of architectural wonders from China's ancient past. There are over thirty-seven attractions to be visited within this six-hundred-year-old town, containing multiple temples, ancestral halls, shrines and even caves. Most of the ancient buildings are elaborately decorated with symbolic imagery associated with China such as Dragons and terrapins.

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