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What to See in Mui Ne Vietnam

The coastal town of Mui Ne, a ward of the greater city of Phan Thiet, is fast becoming a bustling tourist hub, as the world is rapidly realising the wonders contained within the town.


Sand Dunes

One of the prevalent types locales present throughout the area are the sand-dunes that appear in two distinct forms, red and white. White sands are usually found near lakes and visitors can slide down their surface with the use of plastic-sheets. The sight of desert-landscapes leading to rivers lined with lotuses is a stunning and bizarre sight. The red-dunes are usually found closer to the ocean and are just as bizarre given their presence in a land mostly known for tropical rainforest. These sand dunes are iconic of Miu Ne, and almost all of the nearby Vietnam luxury hotels, such as the likes of Anantara Hotels Resort & Spa are either located around them, or will gladly organise to take you there.


Fairy Spring

Appropriately named for being a sight straight out of fantasy. Fairy Spring is a river that makes its way through a desert landscape of sand-dunes. The most stunning feature about this lake is that it features red sandy desert on one side and lush tropical rainforest on the other. This proves a unique place for photography since such drastically contradicting landscapes are hardly found anywhere on the planet.


Poshanu Cham Towers

During the 7th century, a prosperous kingdom ruled by the Champa dynasty thrived in Vietnam, and the Poshanu Cham Towers is one of their greatest monuments. Situated on a hilltop with panoramic views of the surrounding coastline, these towers are a strikingly awe-inspiring sight. Hinduism was the religion at the time so the greatest of the three towers was built in tribute to Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities, with a linga yoni monolith contained within. The two lesser towers are devoted to the fire deity Agni and the buffalo God Nandi respectively.


Phan Thiet Market

One of the best places to experience a hallmark of Vietnamese culture is this bustling marketplace. Upon entering this wondrous bazaar of sorts, you will witness many Vietnamese women preparing various local snacks involving fish and meat. In additional to the various snacks, there are stalls featuring table-tops piled with exotic fruits and vegetables. The best time to visit the market is in the early hours of the morning as the sun begins to rise.


Dragon Fruit Farms

This particular region of Vietnam is renowned for the prevalence of the Dragon Fruit, which is considered somewhat sacred and is consistently used in ancestral offerings and as various forms of d├ęcor. Once the strange and delectable fruit's commercial value was recognised the area became littered with various production facilities occupying thousands of acres of land. Most travel-packages have Dragon-Fruit farms as a staple in their itineraries. The demand for the fruit has increased so much that what once was once a seasonal fruit is harvested throughout the whole year with the use of modern technology.

So if you find yourself in the cultural clutches of this Vietnamese hotspot, be sure to obtain the most of your journey by visiting these wonderful locales.

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