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pregnancy week by week

First Two Weeks Pregnant, Early Signs of Pregnancy You Cannot Ignore - Health 11

Are you dying to discover if you are pregnant this month or not? There are a few signs and symptoms that can tell you the truth before you take a pregnancy test. If you need to know how, keep reading the full article and enjoy.

Starting from the first week of pregnancy, your body will experience serious changes because of the formation of your baby’s heart, brain, and spine, but you will hardly feel any of these changes. At this stage, you may feel one or more of pregnancy symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, unusual and regular need to urinate,tenderness of breasts, darkening around the areolas, sudden exhausting, backache, headache, spotting, food carving, bloating, cramping, change in basal body temperature, dizziness, or fainting.

3 Weeks Pregnant: What You Should Know and Do - Health 11

3 Weeks Pregnant, As your pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, the third calculated week can be the actual first week of your baby formation. For this, the symptoms will differ from a woman to another according to her ovulation days. This article will provide you a clear view to what is happening inside your body and what-to-do list at this week.

4 Weeks Pregnant: What Is Going on Inside Your Body? - Health 11

4 Weeks Pregnant, As the last stage of working behind the scene, the fourth week has similar signs and symptom to that is of the third and fifth weeks. However, your body will experience surprising changes to support the growing belly inside your uterus. If your pregnancy journey reaches this stage, keep reading to understand what is going on inside your body.

5 Weeks Pregnant: How to Deal with Such a New Experience - Health 11

5 Weeks Pregnant, If you have a regular period, the fifth week is a perfect time to do a home test and check your baby through the local doctor’s scan. Actually, this is the most exciting week, as you will certainly feel the symptoms of pregnancy or notice the actual changes in your body.

6 Weeks Pregnant: Major developments and Exciting Events - Health 11

6 Weeks Pregnant, It is a joyful experience to feel that a new life is developing inside you and that you can affect such a newly formed baby with your voice and touch. You and your husband can tell your relative about the coming member to your family and plan for the necessary changes in your home and life. Let’s read the full article and get an accurate view of the sixth week of pregnancy.

7 Weeks Pregnant: Funny Symptoms and Exciting Developments - Health 11

7 Weeks Pregnant, The first seven weeks of your pregnancy are key times for your baby’s growth, but he\she is too tiny and you couldn’t feel his\her movements yet. However, the changing hormones of your body cause funny, silly, and painful symptoms that may keep you tired along the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. If you need to prepare yourself for such a stage, this article will certainly help you.

8 Weeks Pregnant: How to Keep Your Baby Safe - Health 11

8 Weeks Pregnant ,The eighth week of your pregnancy means that about two months have passed and that your baby is almost to be a complete and a normal person. If you are excited to discover new and critical information to help you in this stage, just keep reading the article and enjoy every single minute of your pregnancy.

9 Weeks Pregnant: Key Transformations for Your Coming Baby - Health 11

9 Weeks Pregnant, The ninth week is a key time for your baby to transform from an embryo to a fetus or a normal person. The first signs of your pregnancy will appear on your waists, and maybe breasts, just prepare your cute pregnancy clothes and enjoy your journey with a little person.

10 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know about Your Body and Baby - Health 11

10 Weeks Pregnant , The tenth week of your pregnancy is a perfect end to its first trimester with its hard symptoms and vital developments inside your womb. Now, your baby’s body is fully formed, but the organs will keep their maturity and development while functioning along the rest of your pregnancy period.

11 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect and Do? - Health 11

11 Weeks Pregnant, Your baby now is a normal person that can fit into your hand, but your belly may haven’t change yet. The symptoms of pregnancy will change at this stage and you will be more comfortable than the first and third trimester. If you need to find out the symptoms you will experience in the eleventh week and how to deal with such a stage, keep reading the full article.

12 Weeks Pregnant: What You Should Know about the Last Week of the First Trimester - Health 11

12 Weeks Pregnant, As the final week of your pregnancy’s first trimester, the twelfth week witnesses several changes in your body and rapid growth for your baby. From now on, the morning sick and nausea will ease to let you eat suitable portions of healthy food and relax. For more information about this exciting week and what you should do exactly, keep reading the coming lines.