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Articles about Picasso

The idea here is to save the truly outstanding and informative articles on artist Pablo Picasso and his work.

Where’s Pablo? The Mid-Century Mosaics of Picasso | Mosaic Art NOW

of yet another marvelous mosaic mystery – the missing mosaics of Pablo Picasso. MAN is very excited to publish this intriguing story about how one of the 20th century’s most influential artists explored the mosaic medium.

Picasso designs lent by Royal Opera House to Tate

Royal Opera House Collections has loaned a selection of prints to Tate Britain as part of the gallery’s Picasso & Modern British Art exhibition. The exhibition explores Picasso’s connections to Britain and his influence on British art, in part focusing on the artist’s work creating theatrical scenery and designing costumes for the stage.

The Picasso principle | Art, for Example

This week I went to see the Vollard Suite, an extraordinary series of one hundred of Picasso's prints which has just been donated to the British Museum...

The Picasso principle II | Art, for Example

I've written about the minotaur in Picasso's Vollard etchings, among the whole cast of pseudo-Classical characters. These characters do capture our imagination - but they are not, I believe, the only thing that make the Vollard etchings extraordinary...

Francoise Gilot and the Sacred Monster | Art, for Example

"I left before I was destroyed. The others clung to the mighty minotaur and paid a heavy price, "said Francoise Gilot, Picasso's lover and mother of two of his children, in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine last weekend...

Picasso, the card-carrying Communist | Art, for Example

How would you classify Picasso: is he Spanish, Parisian, European? Are his paintings Modernist, Cubist, abstract, weird? And what are his politics? Is he a Pacifist? A Communist? Or simply a Modern, a painter who responded to the 20th Century and all the horrors that came with it?

The Women of Pablo Picasso: Olga Khokhlova | Web Art Academy

In 1917 ballerina Olga Khokhlova met Picasso while...

Olga Khokhlova and Picasso (1917-1927)

The Women of Pablo Picasso: Dora Maar | Web Art Academy

In 1936 54-year old Picasso met Yugoslavian Dora Maar, the photographer who documented Picasso’s painting of Guernica...

Dora Maar and Picasso (1936-1944)

The Women of Pablo Picasso: Françoise Gilot | Web Art Academy

In 1943 Picasso (age 62) kept company with young art student Françoise Gilot (born in 1921).  Their two children were Claude (1947) and Paloma (1949) ...

Françoise Gilot and Picasso (1943-1953)

Picasso and African Art | Dallas Museum of Art

Picasso is known to have been captivated by African art. He frequented the Trocadéro, Paris’s famed ethnographic museum, to study its holdings. He was also an avid collector of African objects and amassed over one hundred statuettes, textiles, and masks, all of which he stored in his studio...

Affairs of the Art: Review of Picasso and Françoise Gilot: Paris-Vallauris, 1943–1953

When Pablo informed me that nobody would leave a man like him, I said ‘Ha! That we will see!' Pablo should not have provoked my aggressiveness, Françoise Gilot told John Richardson in a frank interview published in the catalogue for Picasso and Françoise Gilot: Paris-Vallauris, 1943–1953. The exhibition, currently on view at Gagosian in New York [through June 30, 2012], centers on an emotional partnership and artistic dialogue between two painters that spanned over a decade.

The Story of Picasso and a Dachshund | New York Times

Some old masters included the faces of fellow artists in their paintings. Pablo Picasso paid similar homage to a more unusual friend: a self-assured little dachshund called Lump.

Pablo Picasso: An Artist, What Else Would You Call Him?

PABLO PICASSO (Pause...) What words develop in your cerebral brain when you hear his name? Artist, Genius, Cubism, Influencer, Innovator, Game-Changer, Crazy? Whatever the word set that jumbles in your mind one thing is for sure, you remember him for making a statement in the art world.

Picasso and Marie-Thérèse Walter | Web Art Academy

In 1927 Picasso met Marie-Thérèse Walter (1909-1977),ma 17 year old who Picasso then lived with in a flat across the street from his marital home (while still married to Olga)...