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Sand Dunes in Miu Ne

Vietnam is a place saturated with hidden natural wonders and the country is fast becoming recognised as a tourist destination.


Red Sand Dunes

The sand dunes of Mui Ne come in two distinct forms, the red and the white. The Red Dunes are particularly surreal because this type of sand is usually associated with the barren landscapes of the Middle East, and one would never expect to find such a place in the lush tropical country of Vietnam. This is precisely why the sand dunes of Vietnam receive a wide number of tourists since many of them are in disbelief and wish to see this natural anomaly for themselves. Various Vietnam resorts have also been built around these majestic dunes, such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa. If you're seeking serenity, the sand dunes of Mui Ne is probably the only desert location where you won't find peace since it is usually a bustling sight filled with people and even vehicles, but in a lively way instead of crowded. Usually children are seen wildly trying to slide down the surfaces of the dunes on their boards. If you're lucky, you might even see a group of adult monks attempting to do the same.


White Sand Dunes

These are the second type of dunes waiting to be discovered on the coastal town of Mui Ne. These dunes are not as easily accessible as the prior dunes, therefore you're more likely to find a landscape more barren and serene, on par with what can be expected of an actual desert. Located about an hour's drive away from central Mui Ne, one would definitely need the help of a 4X4 SUV or an All-Terrain-Vehicle such as a Quad-Bike to make the journey here. If you'd like a more exotic form of transportation, some people are also known to journey to the dunes on the back of an ostrich, although if you're sensitive about animal cruelty, that might not be the best mode of transportation. Despite being more serene than the Red Dunes, you're still bound to find some noisy children with their boards at hand embarking on quests to tackle the dunes.



Despite being unheard of by many, this has been described a Mui-Ne's most magical attraction, and magical is definitely an appropriate word to describe it. The Fairy Stream is considered a photographer's paradise because the pictures taken of it are nothing short of unreal. The area known as Fairy Stream is surreal because a small stream separates two blatantly contrasting landscapes, with Red-Sand dunes and rocky formations on one side and lush tropical sprawling-green on the other. Fairy Stream is definitely one of the few places in the world that is reminiscent of a surreal alien landscape.

If you seek an adventure that is truly unlike any other, then high-tail it to Mui Ne. A coastal town that for the most is fairly secretive; you're bound to experience peace and quiet and return with tales of a unique adventure that will be the envy of everyone.

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