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Protech Pest Control

Protech Pest Control is Australia leader in the provision of Pest Control solutions in Melbourne for over 25 years.

The basics of becoming a Beekeeper

There are so many mistakes we make when we first start learning. We usually learn on the job and as we go about learning this new activity. But the best way to start out any project is to first read about it and research it till we get sufficient information on how to go about it.

Help! I’m near a swarm of bees!

Don't know what to do with a swarm of bees. Our blog can help you to take immediate steps or necessary precautions to get rid from them.

How Can You Keep Away Pesky Pests From Your Restaurant in Melbourne?

Pest control in restaurants is inevitable as pest infestation can often cause serious damage to your premise. It also risks your business reputation.

Let’s help you have a hassle-free solution.

Whether your commercial kitchen is affected by rodents, infested with insects or disrupted by birds, our experts will quickly and discreetly eradicate them all.

Why choose us?

• We treat all pests including spiders, moths, fleas, cockroaches, bugs, rats and many more.
• We provide high quality and professional services within a given time scale.
• Our team of professionals is dedicated to deliver quality solutions to every customer.

Call us now for commercial kitchen pest control at 1300 486 149.

The Ultimate Protection from Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps belong to the family of insects known as Hymenoptera. Though both these insects are immensely important for the environment, they can be a nuisance too.

Pests Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Harvest – Avail the Best Pest Control Services

Does the approaching harvesting season bother you?
Are you worried that the crops will be destroyed because of rodents in your farmland?
Pest control in farming is very important because pest organisms can damage crops, cause plant diseases, and increase food production. Farmers depend heavily on pest control for the safety of their crops.

Importance of Pest Control in Agriculture

• Improves quality of crops
• Reduces chances of plant diseases
• Improves soil quality

So, for a healthy crop and good profit, call Protech Pest Control for professional help immediately. Reach us at 1300 486 149, (03) 9449 4244

Playing hide and seek with Possums?

You know what makes for a disastrous combination? – A small business runs at home! Your home already is a paradise for possums. Whether a food-production business or pure management business, running your business at home means your residence is now stocked with several baits to attract and sustain possum activity.

How a Building and Pest Inspection can Help you Make a Wise Investment?

Many a time, on the surface all seems to looks good but later on pest and other problems seem to surface. When you get an inspection done those hidden flaws will surface helping you to negotiate the price of the building in question.

Reasons to appoint professionals to rid your home or office of bees

Bees have the tendency to return to the same house that they are familiar with, having them around poses a real threat to the well being of your home or work place.

Having bee hives in Melbourne removed is a precarious thing to do probably because bees tend to sting almost anybody around them.

Though searching for DIY remedies may seem quite a delight to your wallet, they can result in you having to meet your doctor sooner than expected.

Protech pest control consists of experts that help you to rid your home or office of bees in no time without you having to visit your doctor. Bee removal in Melbourne without professional help is quite the wrong decision to make.

Protech pest control does what they do best and provides services to give you the bee-free environment you need.

 Why professionals over DIY techniques

• Expertise and experience of bees analysis
• 26 years of practising bee-hive elimination and pest control
• High quality services

Hire a professional today at 1300 486 149 for the best solution to eliminate bees.

Consider Proper Building Pest Inspection before Buying a Property

Building pest inspection is a very crucial process. You must hire a professional pest inspection team to detect and control pest and termite infestation. Different types of pests like rats, possums, wasps, cockroaches, insects, bugs and mosquitoes should be eradicated completely before buying a new home. If you forget pest inspection before buying a house, chances are that you would be inviting unwanted visitors.

Why Hire Protech Pest Control?

• We are certified and trained team of pest inspection experts
• We provide instant follow-up service
• Get the best rates here
• Quality pest inspection by certified professionals

For building pest inspection in Melbourne, dial 1300 486 149.