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Headline for Special Seafood in Maldives – Enjoy the Succulent Taste of Freshness
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Special Seafood in Maldives – Enjoy the Succulent Taste of Freshness

The Maldivian archipelago scattered across the Indian Ocean is without doubt one of the top places for enjoying a variety of seafood; local favourites and popular international dishes are on offer.


Mas Huni – Tuna with Coconut

An all-time favourite especially at breakfast, Mas Huni is a dish that takes next to no time to prepare. The dish is a mix of flaked smoked tuna, scraped coconut, onions, spicy chilli and other exotic herbs. The end result is an almost salad like salsa that is quite delicious. It is eaten with a breakfast roti called Roshi or chapatti and completed with a steaming mug of black tea. A must try breakfast when in the Maldives.


Kulhimas – Chilli Tuna

Continuing with the locals love for tuna, this dish cannot be given a miss; Kulhi in local dialect means 'spicy' while mas, refers to the fish. The spicy combination of chilli, capsicum, ginger and onions add loads of flavour to the fish which is cooked in thick coconut milk. The end result is simply mouth-watering and Kulhimas is eaten with roti as a breakfast and with Chapatti or rice at dinner time.


Garudhiya – Flavoursome Maldivian Fish Soup

The Maldivians love for tuna has no bounds and although many of the local dishes are made with dried or smoked tuna, this soup is made with fresh fish and highly regarded for its nutritive value; so much so that it is basically a daily staple in many households. Garudhiya is a simple dish that uses fresh tuna chunks, onions and other spices to make a clear broth that is full of flavour and loads of nutrition.


Kulhiboakibaa – Fish Cake

This is a traditional fishcake that has been prepared for many generations in the Maldives. The dish is reserved for special occasions such as festivals and celebrations. If you are frequenting the lovely cafes of Male, stop for evening tea and a taste of delicious Kulhiboakibaa which is a preferred teatime snack. The cake is a mix of finely ground rice, coconut, tuna and other spices which once combined are spread on a flat dish and baked similar to a cake.


Where to Dine on Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood is available across the archipelago; for quick bites you can try the cafes and beachside restaurants of Male. Many of the traditional favourites mentioned above are on offer. You can also get glammed-up and look for a night out, tasting gourmet seafood at the fine restaurants located across Maldives luxury resorts; these offer thrills of dining on the beach, underwater or overwater. Many specialise in seafood and international favourites; for example, 'Salt' at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi highlights the sensual flavours of the ocean. Whether you are enjoying a barbeque of your fresh catch on the beach or savouring a starlit lobster dinner, the Maldives is the place for the richest seafood dishes.

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