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National Symbols of the Maldives – Favoured Insignias

Maldives seems to have a symbol for just about anything. The national bird, the national fruit and so on; if you are planning a holiday on the archipelago it helps to know what each emblem represents.


The National Flag of Maldives

The Maldivian National Flag is red in colour with a green rectangle in the centre and a white crescent in the middle of the rectangle. The flag was customized in July 1965. Each section of the flag has a special meaning. The red represents the boldness displayed by the national heroes who were ready to sacrifice their blood for the nation. The green rectangle represents prosperity and peace within the nation while the white crescent is in symbolization of the country being an Islamic state.


The National Emblem of Maldives

The National emblem is made up of a crescent with a star in the middle, two coconut palms and two national flags crisscrossing; underneath is the title of the state on a scroll. The coconut palms symbolise the nation's livelihood since according to ancient folklore the coconut palm is the nation's most valuable tree as every part of it can be utilised. The scroll contains writings in the Arabic Naskh style as used by Sultan Thakurufaanu the Maldives most illustrious hero. The coat of arms or national emblem is used in many instances to represent the Maldivian government.


The National Flower

If you see symbols of the pink rose this could denote the National Flower of Maldives. To be precise it is the Pink Polyantha Rose that is the nation's treasured flower. The flower can be found growing on the verdant islands of the archipelago.


The National Tree of the Maldives

Quite naturally the national tree is the coconut palm. Steeped in ancient history the tree is held in high reverence for its many benefits. The coconut palm represents the nation's livelihood as an evergreen tree that has many benefits. Every part of the tree can be used for medicinal purposes, food, timber, roofing, coir and much more. In fact, the swaying palms on any island resort Maldives has to offer are symbols of relaxed environs where you leave your cares behind.


The National Fruit

The national fruit is one you will be chilling with on the sun-bleached white sand beaches of Maldives. The water from the young coconut or Kurumba as it is known locally is sweet and refreshing. Loved for its cooling properties this sweet nectar is the ideal thirst quencher, especially when lying on one of the palm fringed twin islands unique to the Dhaalu Atoll; here you will find the likes of PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives, swaying palms, sun-drenched blue skies and lots of water activities.


The Water Hen

The White Breasted Water Hen is the Maldives national bird. And quite rightly the creature represents the dominance of water around the archipelago. The bird can be spotted on many of the uninhabited islands and is known locally as the Dhivehi Kabili.

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