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Marine Life in Maldives – The Bounty of the Indian Ocean

Maldives is predominantly water, the biggest lure being the bountiful marine life. Snorkelling, diving or deep sea fishing are all centred around sights of the many fish that traverse the waters there.


The Marine Life of Maldives

The archipelago surrounded by the Indian Ocean is a virtual treasure trove of marine creatures. Ranging from tropical coral fish to big game fish and larger sea dwelling mammals the waters also hold an abundance of coral plants.


Fish Species in the Maldives

There are over 700 species of fish living in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the islands. The currents are the main influence in bringing in a range of big game fish such as trevally, tuna, jacks, dogtooth tuna, butterfly fish, sweet lips, fusiliers and wahoo. Bonus sights are an octopus and the huge Napoleon Wrasse.


Deep Sea Fishing Treats

There are many luxury resorts in the Maldives that offer deep sea fishing excursions for amateurs and seasoned fishermen to enjoy a fishing expedition. Expert guides will help even first timers bag the likes of Bluefin Trevally, large tuna, jack, swordfish and much more.


Butterfly Fish Species to Enjoy on Snorkelling or Dive Expeditions

The black back butterfly fish is a beautiful tropical fish that one can encounter at depths of 4 to 20 metres, easily observed on a snorkelling or diving tour. The scrawled butterfly fish too can be observed during the day and is easily spotted while snorkelling or diving at depths of 2 to 25 metres. Another species from the same family is the Seychelles butterfly fish; seen at depths of 10 to 20 metres this diurnal fish grows to around 13cms. The triangle butterfly fish is another beauty observed at depths of 25 metres.


Dominant Shark Species in Maldives

Banana Reef on North Male Atoll is home to large gatherings of reef sharks; species are varied and spread across the atolls. You can observe them by choosing island hopping stays across one of the resort chains. Look around there are many located across the atolls such as PER AQUUM Hotels & Resorts. These resorts placed across the archipelago offer dive expeditions and convenient island transfers for variety. Well, as for the shark species they are bountiful and many; the grey reef shark is dominant and observed around the archipelago, the black tip reef shark grows to around 200cms and live at depths of 20 to 75m. They are nocturnal and potentially dangerous. Another species is the sandbar shark which lives at depths of 10 to 1,800m their maximum dimension is recorded at 250cms. It is seen only during scuba diving expeditions at day time and night; it does pose a threat but as with all shark species when observed with care and responsible diving you are left alone.


Pelagic and Large Fish Species

Fish that traverse the open seas are also found at some of the lagoons in the Maldives that bring in large volumes of water with shifting tides. Creatures to look out for are sea turtles, eels, octopus, schools of sweetlips and the graceful manta rays. The elusive whale shark is another deep sea fish to observe on diving expeditions in the fabulous Maldives.

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