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Updated by Jakub Prószyński on May 26, 2017
Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.11 – 14.11.2016
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.11 – 14.11.2016

Bazyliszek żyje! Allegro przedstawia kolejną polską legendę

Wieki temu budził grozę wśród mieszkańców Warszawy, teraz powraca, by siać postrach w Internecie. „Operacja Bazyliszek” to kolejny film krótkometrażowy, który powstał w ramach projektu Legendy Polskie Allegro. W głównych rolach występują Paweł Domagała, Olaf Lubaszenko i Michalina Olszańska.

Rusza świąteczna kampania Coca-Coli "Podaruj radość". Limitowane butelki z kokardą (wideo)

Postać świętego Mikołaja w czerwonym stroju oraz kultowe ciężarówki Coca-Cola od lat stanowią najsilniejsze atrybuty świąteczne marki. Coca-Cola oficjalnie rozpoczyna odliczanie dni dzielących nas od Świąt. Marka przygotowała nowy spot przedstawiający tradycję i zwyczaj obdarowania bliskich (i nie tylko!) radością.

Twitter still might save Vine by selling it

Vine may survive after all. Twitter is currently vetting multiple term sheets from companies offering to buy Vine, and hopes to make a deal soon, multiple..

Facebook threatens LinkedIn with job opening features

Facebook might muscle-in on LinkedIn's recruiting business with ways for business Pages to promote job listings. The new Jobs features could give companies..

The Next Big Thing in Filmmaking Has Come to YouTube

YouTube, the second most popular website on the internet, has the ability to effect change and the adoption of new technologies in visual mediums like no other website. In the past it’s used that ability to good use. It was an early adopter of 4K content and continues to possess the largest repository of said content. The same is true of 360 video. Now YouTube is finally embracing HDR, which means newer videos are going to get a lot more realistic looking.

Ad of the Day: Johnnie Walker Has a Simple Message for America on the Eve of Election Day

Johnnie Walker, the whisky brand that famously traversed the world, makes stops in American cities like Los Angeles, Santa Fe, New Orleans and Washington, D.C., in its latest campaign from Anomaly, timed to Election Day.

3M: The quick fix - Old man

The idea was to capture the fact that Scotch super glue fixes broken things as fast as it takes for us to understand the story in the visual.

YouTube Introduces New Community Tools For Creators

In its pledge to do more for creators and to help them build a real community around their creations, YouTube is now rolling out 3 new engagement tools.

Twitter for Android gets launcher shortcuts, a shiny new circular icon and more

If you’re a frequent Twitter user with an Android smartphone or tablet running Nougat, you’ll be glad to hear that the stable version of the application has finally been graced with multi-window compatibility, launcher shortcuts and a shiny new circular icon.

Pinterest Revamps Inbox

Pinterest tweaked its notifications and messages section, eliminating its You tab and moving those notifications to its News tab.

Keurig makes things simple

A new multi-platform campaign uses a cheeky tone to bring the convenience of single-serve coffee to the forefront.

Facebook Introduces New Features to Capitalize on Growth in Reviews

Looking to capitalize on the influence of word-of-mouth recommendations, Facebook is ramping up it's efforts to boost consumer review activity on the platform. 

Szafy Ikei bez potworów (wideo)

Co zrobić, gdy w naszej szafie znajduje się przejście do równoległego wymiaru, przez które przedostają się potwory kradnące rzeczy? Pójść do Ikei po nowy mebel – proponuje Grupa Filmowa Darwin.

Facebook opens sponsored messages to all developers in newest version of Messenger

As Messenger continues its steady growth as a communications channel distinct from its social network parent Facebook, the company today is taking the wraps..

Agency of the Year 2016 winners revealed

Take a look at who took home the big prizes at this year's show and the work that clinched the wins.

Today, Google announced that its Map Maker tool, which let users edit information and suggest changes in Google Maps, will be shut down in March of 2017. In its place, the same editing and suggestion features will be migrated to the main Google Maps app as part of the company’s Local Guides program, which rewards people for policing and improving local mapping data for their community by granting access to beta features and gifting Google Drive storage.

Prisma now supports real-time style transfer on Facebook Live

Prisma's app now supports real-time style transfer for livestreaming videos broadcast to the Facebook Live platform.

Snapchat copies Instagram Story rewinds, adds augmented background lenses

Now the copying is going the other direction, as Snapchat clones Instagram Stories' rewind feature. But Snapchat is still innovating on the augmented reality..

Facebook Introduces New Resources For Business Influencers

Facebook has announced several new resources for business leaders and business influencers to get the best start on the platform.