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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Eat Like a Local – 07 Chinese Dishes You Should Not Miss in Xi'an

Visiting the beautiful region of Xi'an delights all the senses. Trying the delicious cuisine is one. Bringing out the fresh wholesome taste of all ingredients, these are must some try dishes.


Flatbread in Mutton Soup – Yangrou Paomo

This is one of the region's most iconic dishes; that has its own ritual to it. Before the chef mixes the flatbread into the soup the customer is allowed to tear the bread into shreds. It is a delightfully hearty meal that offers comfort for the soul.


Kabob – Chuan-cer

This is a lifestyle dish that is most popular during night time drinks; it is not uncommon to see someone sharing a drink and some chuan-cer with friends. This is because Kabob or better understood as kebab is the perfect accompaniment to any round of drinks with friends. A portion will include 100 small kebabs and it is quite normal for 2 people to order 2 portions – it's that good, plus you may have left over to take back to your Xian apartment.


Pomegranate Juice

Heralding the onset of autumn, pomegranate juice stands pop up all around the city. Perfect as an early morning pick-me-up you will find juice kiosks in and around the city. It is also the ideal drink to take back to your serviced apartment such as the ones you will find at Citadines Central Xi'an as an accompaniment to the previous night's Kabob!


Xi'an Meat Burger – roujiamo

This local meat burger has an illustrious history. It is a simple meal consisting of baked lavender bread and shredded and braised meat. Some of the best tasting roujiamo are the ones baked in the traditional ovens while the lean meat variety with only pork is the other popular option to this dish. However, the Muslim Quarter of Xi'an is tipped to be the best place to enjoy tasty versions of the burger with fillings of lamb or beef.


Cold Noodles

Cold noodles with roujiamo and a chilled soda are considered the best trio for satisfying the foodie in you. Cold noodles are in reality thinly sliced rice noodles that are kept aside until they are – cold. The noodles are generally coated in a rich chilli oil together with pepper, diced garlic, bean sprouts and cucumber slices.


Steamed Beef and Wheat Powder

Head over to the Muslim Quarter and your head will be swimming to the tempting aroma of wheat and beef being cooked. Ma Lians restaurant has been serving this dish close to a century and are tipped to be the best in the Muslim Quarter. A complicated dish that takes over 7 hours to make, it consists of over 26 herbs and spices carefully selected to add loads of flavour.


Hot and Sour Soup Dumplings

Head over to Shaanxi for authentic mutton dumpling's swimming in delicious hot and sour soup. Quite a flavoursome dish the dumplings create a riot of flavour in your mouth. At work are cilantro, sesame seeds and minced leek well incorporated into the delicious minced mutton.

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