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Headline for Travel around Solo – Enjoy the Best that the City Has to Offer
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Travel around Solo – Enjoy the Best that the City Has to Offer

Solo is a beautiful city with a vibrant selection of attractions to enjoy. Here are a few great things to add to your itinerary on your next trip.


Pick some top notch accommodation

Solo is a beautifully planned city that makes an amazing travel destination with plenty of wonderful things on offer. When you pick a Solo hotel, you need to make sure that it is located in the right part of town to allow you to easily access the best attractions and activities with ease. The Alila Solo provides an unmatched accommodation experience and excellent convenience for travellers of all types. Don't forget to think about the amenities and dining options as well.


Try the street food

Indonesia is famous for its incredible selection of street food. Solo is no exception! If you take a drive to Jalan Teuku Umar, you will notice cars parked on the street with people crowded around a small kiosk. This kiosk specialises in Nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu, a type of fragrant rice, cooked in coconut milk. The rice is served with an egg, shredded chicken and tofu cooked in turmeric on top of a folded banana leaf. Go to Jalan Muhammad Yamin for Serabi Solo Notosuman. This is a popular snack made from coconut milk, eggs, pandan leaves and sugar. Cooked with charcoal, the dish is served with either cheese or chocolate as a topping. These are absolute must-try dishes if you are in Solo. If you love your street snacks at night, head to a Shi Jack outlet in any part of the town. This is a popular hangout spot for the locals. Shi Jack is famous for their fresh, warm milk. The milk can be enjoyed, mixed with honey, raw eggs, ginger and many other add-ons. This is a unique experience enjoyed by locals and travellers alike.


Buy some batik

Solo is home to two Batik villages; Laweyan and Kauman. Both villages are worth a visit if you are hoping to purchase some original Batik Tulis or handpainted batik. The beautiful fabric features traditional Javanese patterns. Solo is the home of authentic Batik Tulis with designs that feature black and chocolate geometrical patterns. Visit the House of Danar Hadi if you wish to observe the process behind Batik Tulis and to view a precious collection of batiks.


Catch a mystical dance performance

Bedhoyo, a traditional Javanese dance, is said to have been created by the Goddess of the South Sea in the 16th century. The dance is performed by nine female virgin dancers. The choreography of the performance reflects the slow movements of stars. When performed perfectly on the right day as per the Javanese calendar, it is believed that the Goddess of the South Sea also joins the dance as the tenth dancer.


Visit a traditional market

Be sure to visit Pasar Gede Harjonagoro, the largest traditional market in the city. The market features meat, poultry, fresh produce and food stalls that cater to pretty much every daily need. Make sure ot try some of Mrs. Dermi's iced desserts made with milk and served with coconut and jackfruit. The Timlo Sastro stall is the place to grab some breakfast. Located outside the market, the stall serves glass noodles in a clear soup, sliced eggs, chicken liver and chicken.

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