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Updated by Benjamin Caldwell on Nov 11, 2016
Headline for Sports Injuries
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Sports Injuries

Common sports injury statistics and information for adults and children.

The Football Debate: Is the NFL to Blame for Head Injuries? - Goodwin & Scieszka

Being a professional football player is a very demanding job, but could the NFL be doing more to protect its players from brain and head injuries?

Top 7 Most Common Sport Injuries - Impact Physical Therapy

Whether you play sports professionally or for fun, everyone is at risk of developing an injury. It’s important to educate yourself about some of the most common sports injuries so you can detect if something is wrong while you are on the field. The earlier you receive medical attention, the more likely you will make a full recovery. Learn about some of the most common sports injuries and the best way to recover from them below.

Sports injuries can be tough…

As I'm sure you're aware staying up to date with the evidence on any topic in our profession can be hard, really hard. The shear volume of research published makes it near impossible for you to read and appraise everything, and the popular area of sports injuries is a perfect example. Sports injury is a huge…

How to Avoid Sports Injuries - True North Chiropractic

More than likely, getting hurt isn’t the first thing on your mind when exercising, make sure you’re taking necessary precautions to avoid sports injuries.

Eye Injuries in Youth Sports Are Surprisingly Common

Among the sports with high rates of eye injuries: basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and cycling.

Sports-related eye injuries are most common among kids

Every basketball or softball player expects some scrapes and sprains, but those sports are also among the leading causes of sport-related eye injuries, according to a new study.

Injuries That Almost Changed Sports History

What if? It's a question you can tie to almost anything in life and come up with about 10,000 answers. In sports, we ask it all the time. Looking back at sports injuries, asking "what if" became obsessive...

New smartphone app can detect injuries, mental health symptoms - ET HealthWorld

Technology to the rescue! Scientists have developed a new smartphone app that can detect physical injuries and mental health symptoms in athletes more accurately.

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Marathon Training

Appropriate footwear is literally the first step.

Study Indicates Higher Injury Rates For High School Athletes Who Specialize In One Sport

A must read for those of us with kids in school that are active in the sports world. This is an interesting article released by the NMAA.