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Cleaning companies in Dubai | Maid Agency Services Dubai

Urban Housekeeping company is one of the best maids cleaning service provider in Dubai. We offer all different cleaning services like,
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What does Cleaning Companies in Dubai Offer?

What does Cleaning Companies in Dubai Offer?

Cleaning Companies are of different types, and based on their classification they will have the appropriate amount of resources at their disposal that will help you. Therefore, when you consider cleaning companies to choose from, know exactly in what distinction the cleaning company that you want falls in. Cleaning companies Dubai fall into mainly these three categories: Cleaning business, Cleaning franchise and cleaning agency. Each of these three company types are made up of individual maids, but the resources they possess and the contract on which the maids are employed differ, among other things.

When it comes to a cleaning business, the stakes are like this: It is a privately owned company that has more than 1maid that they will offer for services. These cleaning companies specialise in giving you great services. If for some reason, one of them is not able to make it on time, they will have alternates prepped ready to replace the ones who weren’t able to make it. These businesses are also meticulous, and the maids will provide their customers with a schedule and detailed procedures about work. Besides this, they will have a customer centre ready all the time to answer to your queries, making them quite a feasible cost for your cleaning services.

That being said, when there is a high turnout, then that would mean the chances of the same maid coming to repair your house again are not so great. While the contractual clauses may not be in your best interests, resulting in you being imposed with terms that will seem like exploitative.

The cleaning franchise is the result of a mutually agreed upon assimilation. The assimilation occurs between individual businesses and that of a franchisee, who has in his/her control a wealth of resources, but most importantly a brand name and a successful business model. Under the guise of the franchisee, these individual companies will function and they will have access to many customers, but the franchisee will be the one really in control. Business franchises deliver exceptional equipment of the best quality as well as a disciplined maid service that will render you the best customer experience.

But for giving you this exceptional service, they will have attached to their services a nifty price tag. This is so because, they do not quote by the hour, but instead but on how well and exhaustively they’ve cleaned your space. Furthermore, there is the chance of you ending up with a contractual obligation that will have you calling upon the same services for 6 or 9 or 12 months.


Pertinent Reasons To Hire A Maid Agency

Pertinent Reasons To Hire A Maid Agency

There are several why you should worth with a maid agencies, but if you are finding hard to convince yourself to spend that money on getting a maid agency to come around and to do the cleaning, then we are here to give you the right reasons for you to hire them.

They are professionals: These cleaning maids are professionals doing their job with all the accumulated job skills that they possess. Cleaning your house is not something that is easy and which will require quite a load of effort to be made from the part of the cleaner. If you were to do the cleaning yourself, there is a good chance that the cleaning which happens will be counter –productive and you might end up leaving the place at a worse pace than it was prior to it. You can either have the appearance of a good cleaning or actually get a comprehensive cleaning with a maid agency in Dubai.

No purchasing of products: Here in Dubai, a maid agency will send their maids to your homes or offices but not send along any products, but if you were to pay an additional cess, then you can avail the products as well. These professional maids possess the skills to use the products but if you were to try on any one of these, it might not go the way you would’ve planned it. When the maid from this maid agency at your house or office, they will bring with them experience, and their combined knowledge to capably use this cleaning equipment to comprehensive clean.

Customized Schedule: When there is a customized schedule available, then you cannot resist calling these maids up from their maid agency because, with the aid of a maid agency, you’ll be able to get the cleaning that you deserve whenever you would like and have it scheduled for the remainder of the week. A maid agency in Dubai that allows you to book their maids on a customized schedule should be the one that you need to look for.

Insurance: When you think of letting strangers into your homes, you will obviously have the thought of what if they broke something? Of course, this is something that the maid agency would’ve also thought of. To absolve any blame, they have ensured their maids and you would not have to compensate for any injuries or any broken property if it ever happens. One would want to be certain that there exist such safety nets, and if you were to find a maid agency that provides you with them, then you should go ahead and choose them.

*Time for Yourself: *When you let a maid agency in Dubai do the cleaning in Dubai, then you are allowing yourself to have a good breather. You might have been doing the cleaning yourself prior – exerting tremendous effort but lacking the results that you wanted. Now that you get a maid agency to come around and do the cleaning, you will be left with a lot of free time for leisure which you can use for whatever your heart desire. This will be a luxury that you might not have had before, now you will be getting all the time to enjoy it.

With all these reasons aforementioned, it is will be really helpful for you if you were to get the cleaning done by a maid agency in Dubai. You will have a clean house and peace of mind.

Welcome to Urban Housekeeping

Urban Housekeeping is one of the Cleaning Services Company in Dubai, maids in Dubai- a cleaning company offering cleaning services for home, office and maid services.


Sofa Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Clean

Sofa Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Clean

When you have decided to clean your sofa, you might be thinking to do the cleaning fast will allow you to save time and get the sofa cleaning ready for those who want to lounge upon it. But that is not the case because every fabric and sofa are different and it will require further effort to get sofa cleaned properly and without any unnecessary consequences. This will mean that in order to get the cleaning done properly, you will need to know what the material or fabric your sofa is made and then do the sofa cleaning by yourself.

Usually for those who want to do the cleaning yourself, the company that has made the sofa will place stickers underneath your couch’s cushions. This of course, not a mandatory rule that all manufacturers have to follow, therefore, it not necessary that the sofa may even have them in your case. If it does have this sticker, there will be a series of codes that denote particular washing type, and they will be in the form of alphabets. Usually, there are four kinds of codes:

W – Wet or Water. This means that water can be applied

S – Solvents. Dry Cleaning to be used and no water.

S/W – Dry Foam. Still, should not go for dry cleaning

X – Vacuum Cleaning Only.

When there is no cleaning code available, then it is better that you go for professional sofas cleaning services and tell them how you would want cleaning to be done.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it is not entirely impossible to do clean it yourself, although you will have to be really prudent when applying the cleaning.

One of the ways that you can know the type of cleaning to be applied on a sofa is to feel the fabric yourself and see for yourself the texture of the sofa. If the texture of the fabric is soft and silky, then it is safe for you to dry clean them. If you find that the texture of the material that you are planning to clean is rugged or plush (like that of your car), then it is better to avoid dry cleaning altogether and go for steam cleaning instead. +

Dry Cleaning Warning

Sofa cleaning by dry cleaning should only be done with dry cleaning and with nothing else, especially not water. If you were to apply water on it, then there will be adverse reactions to the material. Dry clean fabrics are repellent to water and if water is applied to clean, there will be colour loss and bleeding, shrinkage and water stains. Water stains are really horrible and if you were to do the cleaning with moisture, then the adverse effects would be permanent and impossible to remove. It is good to remember that spotless doesn’t mean that there is no damage

Steam Cleaning

If you find that your fabric is good for steam cleaning, then you are in luck, as there are several portable steam cleaners out there that you can sue to do the steam cleaning yourself without having to call in the professionals to the job. The right steam cleaning power to use is 300 psi, although getting a small steam cleaner would only have you reach 100 psi. A lot of detergents should not be used, and things like foam or soap should not be used either.

It is good to clean using regular steam cleaning, and not try with too much detergent. There are several ways in which you can do away with stubborn stains, such as applying detergents over that particular surface. You can mix vinegar with water to go for an eco-friendly approach towards cleaning; all this being said, it is better that you go for a professional cleaning service as they would know what to do with the fabric.

Welcome to Urban Housekeeping

Urban Housekeeping is one of the Cleaning Services Company in Dubai, maids in Dubai- a cleaning company offering cleaning services for home, office and maid services.


Why do you need maid companies in Dubai?

Why do you need maid companies in Dubai?

It’s quite a curious question – why do we need maid companies in Dubai, but not so, if you’re one of those who are looking to create a good home, and finds that the cleaning is quite an ordeal for you to manage on your own. It is perhaps the single most, and if you really want to get the cleaning done properly and quickly, then the best option for you is to call the services of these maids in Dubai, working in many a maid agency in Dubai.
Well, if you’re still not convinced how indispensable they are, well we’ve compiled some reasons why they are so:

Professionals: Have you heard of the saying, “leave it to the professionals?” well that applies here as well. These maids services in Dubai are organisations occupied by professionals with quite a wealth of experience, and with this, these maids in Dubai can easily create the ideal, clean environment in your home. These professionals have had the training and the adequate experience of having cleaned plenty of households prior.

Versatile Skillset: These maids services in Dubai or maids are cleaning professionals with enormous skills in their possession, and if you wish to have a properly cleaned location, then you need only ask these maids services in Dubai to send their maids in Dubai to come to your location to perform their cleaning. Moreover, they will perform other complementary jobs such as laundry and even babysit.

Good Demeanour: You must be thinking that letting strangers inside of your homes is that you are completely against because, in this day and age, there are few people whom you can trust. Therefore, it is understandable why you would be wary of letting someone inside of your home. These maids in Dubai, however, are different, as each and every one of them has been vetted for their worthiness for the job. These Dubai maids are professionals, with an amiable disposition, who is there to only give their best at the job and not to do anything malicious.

Affordable: Of course, it is quite natural for you to think that affording maids is something that you cannot do as it something that is left for the affluent. But this is not so, as maid cleaning services and Dubai maids have become quite affordable in the recent years, and it completely within reach of the middle class to afford these maid services. Moreover, most of these maid companies in Dubai provide their services at an affordable rate of AED 40/HR or ever lower.


How can a Maid Agency in Dubai help you

How can a Maid Agency in Dubai help you

If you are looking into getting yourself a clean office or home, then you will require the help of a maid agency in Dubai. These people are having enormous experience in dealing with all kinds of cleaning services. They are often having the best people at their disposal to come around and do the cleaning for you. These are experienced professionals with a wealth of experience at their disposal. They would have cleaned countless homes and offices and would know how to clean exactly as you would want them to.

A maid agency in Dubai can be of two types – one which recruits for full-time maid service in a home or one which recruits for part time maid service. In this instance, we will talk about how a maid agency in Dubai will help you receive quality cleaning at a very feasible rate.

A maid agency will help your house

You can get the right cleaning done in your house when you hire the cleaning maids working at any maid agency in Dubai.

These maids would have most definitely given you a cleaning that will leave you completely satisfied. You can have their service at an affordable cost. You can get them to come to your home as they are part-time maids and they often only charge AED 40/Hr.

They would come and clean your floors, walls, windows, kitchen and any other supporting housekeeping jobs. This would mean other complementary jobs around the house such as babysitting, laundry and ironing, pet cleaning, lawn mowing etc.

These expert cleaners can almost anything. Whether you live in an apartment or a villa, an expert cleaner from a maid agency in Dubai can come around and clean your home in a jiffy.

A maid agency can help you clean your office

If you are running an office, then you would know the troubles of having an unclean to work. An unclean office will not be able to have a productive work environment.

Workers will not feel motivated to work there and in the end, you might need to clean it yourself. This is not an ideal situation, and you would want to get the cleaning done with the help of experts.

An expert maid can come from a maid agency in Dubai to help you. They come during non-office hours, so you don’t have to worry about your work getting interrupted.

They are experts at cleaning and can clean all the space and rooms inside of an office. They can clean the chairs, the desks and all. They can clean the corridors, the pantry, the bathrooms, the ventilation system, the garage, the basement.

The size of the office is not a deterrent, for they can easily clean, given sufficient time. They will make sure that the task is done quickly.


The best way to do house cleaning in Dubai

The best way to do house cleaning in Dubai

If you are looking for someone to help and come clean your house, then there are plenty of services that do house cleaning in Dubai. These services, of course, will make it easier for you to enjoy the time that you get on your weekends, instead of toiling for hours on end on the weekends. This is what services that do house cleaning in Dubai can do for you. These are the expert cleaning professionals who will be able to give you the cleaning that will make your look absolutely sparkling. But, you might be wondering how they will be able to do that. We’ll tell you how:

house cleaning in dubai

These maids in Dubai are extremely skilled at their cleaning. This is because they have been rigorously trained before being recruited into the cleaning services job. But even before that, they have been chosen after sharp scrutiny over their background. Only after they’ve been thoroughly checked for their background are they given the chance to train. Hence, it can be said that these cleaning services maids who come to your home cleaning in Dubai are only the best of the best, and they will most definitely do a great job.

It is not just the fact that they bring about impeccable cleaning. It is also the fact that they are extremely skilled at various types of cleaning that makes them the best choice for you to have. If you are trying to get them to do the house cleaning in Dubai, then you need not worry about it for these cleaning maids in Dubai are having enormous skills under their sleeve to help you perform the job. They can easily toggle between house cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning and other with relative ease.

It is also a case that many services that operate house cleaning in Dubai will also perform other complementary services. These services include babysitting, lawn mowing, groceries, laundry and ironing, and pet sitting. Indeed, they can double down as housekeepers as well. This makes them extremely capable of house cleaning service personnel in Dubai.

Furthermore, it can be said that cleaning services in Dubai are the best people to come around and do the cleaning in Dubai for you because they are really not that cost any more. These cleaning services who do the house cleaning are people who can give you the cleaning at an extraordinarily affordable price. What was once a territory of the super-elite is now accessible to the ordinary middle class. Here in Dubai, the prices for house cleaning in Dubai won’t go beyond a very feasible AED 40/Hr.

All the aforementioned points have shown how maids in cleaning services are the right personnel for doing the house cleaning in Dubai, and you need not worry about the cleaning. You can instead have fun during the weekends, and come back to a perfectly cleaned and a shiny home.