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Updated by Modern Solutions on Aug 02, 2018
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Modern Solutions

Modern Solutions provide a high quality Patio designs, Pergola designs and Carport designs for you that will greatly improve the look of home In Melbourne.
Our Team of specific experienced administrators and installers pride themselves in guiding, designing and building structures to add to family life style with a large range of designs and colors.

How Can You Choose The Pergola Design That Tickles Fancy?

Smartly planned outdoor pergola designs can really add value to your house.

In addition to their usefulness as a sheltered cosy space for evenings and dinners, pergola can also be a source of beauty for your house.

Few things you must consider before finalizing outdoor pergola designs are:-

  1. The purpose for which the pergola is being installed
  2. The pattern/style of pergola designs, whether free standing or attached.
  3. Additional fixtures and lights within the pergola frame to give the space a dramatic/romantic feel.

Modern Solutions provides a variety of patterns for regular and steel pergola designs that will help you beautify your garden/backyard the way you want.

Why Choose Us?
• Customized pergola designs
• Professional installations and after-sales support
• Clutter- free and neat installation

Want to check the outdoor pergola designs available with us? Call us on 0403-168-727.

How to Use a Pergola to Make Your Yard a Beautiful Hangout

Have you always dreamed of making your home the place that everyone in your neighbourhood wants to hang out?

Patio Roof Design - How can you select the best one?

Patios are great a way to utilize backyard and foyer space around your house. Considering the eclectic climate conditions in Melbourne, you can go for patio roofing to provide shelter against sunshine, heat, rain, and storm.

You can opt for steel roofs, curved roofs or Stratco outback sunroof that comes in a variety of styles and colours.
The patio roof design will also determine the overall look and feel of the patio-space, for instance, a curved roof will give a larger dome shaped look, which you can decorate with plants, and seating space.

Why Choose Us?

• Modern Solutions is an accredited and certified patio roofing solutions provider
• Provides customizable patio roof ideas that are executed to perfection
• Handles design permits and provides continued after – sales support

For more patio roof ideas and designs, call us on 04 0316 8727.

Why Stratco Cooldek Roof Is The Best Choice For Outdoor Entertaining Areas?

Houses in Melbourne have a lot of space surrounding them that can be used for constructing a patio, carport and pergola.

Modern Solutions can transform the space into a very cool outdoor entertaining area with the Stratco Cooldek Roofing that adapts itself to weather conditions.

These colour coordinated roofs come in two types – Cooldek Classic and Cooldek CGI Roofing. You can select the level of insulation against excessive heat or cold by choosing from different levels of insulation thickness – 50, 75, and 100mm thickness. The exterior of the Stratco Cooldek roof can be ‘Silkline,’ ‘Smooth,’ or ‘V-Groove.’

Why Choose Us:

• Experience in setting up customized patio, carport, and pergola

• Provides full permit procuring services

• Customized designs with 3D visualisation

Looking forward to transforming your outdoor area with Stratco Cooldek Roof?
Contact Modern Solutions today on 0403-168-727

How to keep your pergola prim and proper

You can choose to place the pergola on the roof of your home or the patio. Either ways, once you do it up you’ll soon find yourself searching for things to do under the luxury of the pergola. But like everything else, this too won’t last forever. That is IF you do not care for it and maintain it.

Essential points you need to know before installing your outdoor colorbond carport

A carport is a fabulously convenient inclusion to your verandah.

It is an efficient investment to ensure protection for your vehicles and belongings that are stored under a roof. The customized carport designs help deliver over head protection and at the same time ensure that there is air ventilation in the house.

Modern solutions offers trending colorbond carport that benefit your home in Melbourne. They are also the ultimate solution to defend your vehicles from sun, rain or wind and are available in a vast assortment of colours to chose from.

Why buy from Us?

• Contemporary carport designsin Melbourne
• Customized services
• Effortless installation
• Vast collection to choose from

To get a price quote or inquire more, call us on 0403 168 727.

Spruce Up your Outdoor Area

Looking at ways to convert your outdoor living space into a haven? Well there really are a variety of ways in which you could convert your outdoor space into your favourite place.

Verandahs to add elegance to your home

Modern Solutions has been efficient enough to launch a variety of verandahs to select from such as colorbond verandah, curved verandah, flat roof verandah and gable verandah.

5 Reasons Carports Add Value To Your Property

There’s a reason it’s called home sweet home and that’s because home is where the heart is. Our home is our zone of peace and comfort and after a long exhausting day all we wish for is to be in our own home in our own fortress of comfort.

How to Choose the Right Style of Stratco Outback Sunroof for your Home?

The Stratco Outback Roofs offer plenty of options to homeowners. Stratco outback pergola, for instance, is a standalone roof that covers up a deck or paved area or can brighten a corner of the deck. While it allows sunlight and breeze to flow, it still offers comfort and protection.

Types of Stratco Outback Roofs

• Stratco outback pergolas
• Stratco outback verandahs
• Gabled or curved roof verandah

Why Choose Us?

• We are the most trusted name for Stratco outback installationin Australia
• Highly-skilled and experienced installation staff
• Onsite design advice
• High-quality products and components
• Product range engineered and tested for durability and strength

Need Stratco outback installation service? Call us on 0403 168 727.


Verandahs: to promote Outdoor Improvement

Verandahs: to promote Outdoor Improvement

An outdoor space can be best utilized by installing a stratco outback verandah. An Outdoor verandah adds a beautiful and enchanting look to the eye for your home.

Modern Solutions has most adaptable verandah designs that help to achieve the best possible look for your outdoor space.

Outdoor verandahs not only enhance the decorative aspect of your home but also add value to it. Our highly skilled professionals can help you turn your outdoor space into the most attractive and best utilized area with our contemporary designs.

To install Stratco outdoor verandah for your home and leverage the outdoor space in the best possible way, call 0403 168 727.

Visit at


High Quality Carport to provide the best protection for your car

High Quality Carport to provide the best protection for your car

Modern Solutions now offers high quality carports. Find the most modern designs in colorbond carport and steep carport here at modern solutions. Avail of our customised carport features to suit your needs for the ideal or your desired carport.

Our carport comes in a variety of choices to choose from and are built from the best quality materials providing you with excellent results not only in looks but also in robustness.

The recent launch of our gable roof designs and flat roof designs for carports with 3D visualization will leave you amazed.

Get the best results and modern carport designs for your money’s worth from Modern Solutions.

Speak to us today on 0403 168 727 for the best price and design in Australia.


Revamp Your Garden Area into an Outdoor Pergola

Revamp Your Garden Area into an Outdoor Pergola

Wondering how to utilize that square footage in the yard? Restructure it into a Pergola over the patio and enjoy a relaxing time sipping coffee in it. Modern Solutions’ outdoor pergolas are meant to benefit you considerably.

What Benefits Do Pergola Offer?

  • With the curved Pergola, you get a perfect balance of coverage and airiness.
  • The outdoor pergola designs are available in neutral colours. These are sure to blend well with the colours at your home.
  • The steel pergola designs are strong and sturdy.
  • These are easy to maintain as well.

Opt for the best Colorband Pergola

  • We offer 3D visualization on the pergola, verandah, and carport.
  • Effective space utilization with accredited master builders.
  • You can choose from a wide array of colours, designs and building materials.

For effective space utilization ideas, contact Modern Solutions at or call Darren Wallis - 0403 168 727.

High-Quality Stracto Insulated Roofing with Design Simplicity

If you are in Melbourne and looking for the roofing solution that can withstand the unpredictable weather, Stracto cooldek roofing is the ideal solution for you. Stratco cooldek installation is perfect for you to enjoy the outdoors all year around.

Why it is the most Preferable Outdoor Solution?

• Minimalist design
• Ease of use and maintenance
• Complete protection from unpredictable weather
• Mounted rain sensors to ensure your outdoors stay dry in case of sudden downpours.

Why Choose Us?

• Registered and accredited master builder
• More than 10 years of experience
• High-quality products and workmanship
• Backed up with installation guarantee

To organise a FREE quote or for design consultation, get in touch with us at 0403 168 727.