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Trophies and Medals

Trophies and medals are an outstanding way to show your appreciation to the winner. With fifty years experience in the field, let the experts of Ashworth Awards assist you in crafting the perfect trophies or models for those special events that you can hardly afford at a price. We bring different types of awards to meet any specific occasion. If needed, we can also customize the award medals. For all of your trophy needs, visit our site. We are always here to serve you with our products.


Preserving Your Body For Continued Racing

Often, tri-athletes burn their body too much and injure themselves in a way that makes going forward challenging. Here's how they can avoid the risk of...

Put Your Running Shoes & Enjoy The Benefits!

Running and participating in marathons has more than one benefit. Often, tri-athletes burn their body too much and injure themselves in a way that makes...

The Perfect Couple

Financial and non-monetary incentives make the perfect combination to motivate sports enthusiasts towards participation in sporting events including...

Trop“The Fairest of them all”

The ever-looming question of marathons is, “Are men better runners than women”? “Is it fair to allow men and women to compete against each other in a sport like running?” From times immemorial, all…

Say It without Words!

Don’t you, just like I appreciate to be recognized and appreciated for the smallest contribution we make? What could be a better way to recognize personal achievement than custom trophies, medals…

Customize The Award With The Professionals

Custom awards at Ashworth Awards can be of any size or shape. There are different color options to choose from; additional custom color options are also available. Awards are available in a variety of thicknesses that can even be customized when needed. These awards may be designed with or without a base and silver, gold, and bronze flexi faceplates. To order the awards, visit our website or call us.

Appreciate the Performance with the Medals

Medals, trophies and plaques are in demand all the time. They are given for various reasons to all different types of people and are a great way to celebrate effort, dedication, and hard work. Students win medals in academia, many athletes win awards for participating in the sporting events and many more. If you are looking for high-quality awards and trophies, then choose Ashworth Awards. We will fulfill your needs with our products.

Learn About Boston Marathon Medals

Participating as well as winning Boston marathon is a great achievement in life. And to make the moment memorable for the achievers, Ashworth Awards creates different types of awards including acrylic, plaques, trophies, medals and many more.

Celebrate Victory with Sports Medals

Want to appreciate the performance of the winner in the sport? Then gift sports medals crafted by the experienced professionals of Ashworth Awards. We have more than five decades of experience in this field and are familiar to design the products with quality materials. Our professionals can also customize the medals or trophies based on the preferences of the clients. To get the products at reasonable prices from us, place your order online today.