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November best reads and video Kathy Waite Fee only financial planner Saskatchewan

Kathy Waite fee-only financial planner interesting things I have read and watched in November 2016

The bigger problem is the presumption that banks care at all what’s in their customers’ best interests.

The ever insightful Michael James on why the banks are not trying to look after our young people

22 minutes skit. Do you understand your statements? Are they so complicated because there is something to hide ?

Recently three of the largest banks in Canada admitted to over charging people going back 14 years.
How did they not know?
How did they think they would get away with it?
How did you not notice ?
This may be a joke skit but its very close to the truth
Call me if you are fed up with being smoke bombed, gouged and patronised

If your car didn't start 71% of the time would you keep it? Likely no, so why are you still using mutual funds that w...

Sorry but this is one broken record worth listening to … - Financial Independence Hub month S&P Global published its 2016 mid-year SPIVA Canada Scorecard, which compares the performance of actively managed Canadian-based mutual funds with their benchmarks.
None off the US managers beat the benchmark?
14% of the international did
29% of canadian fund managers beat the market bench mark

Canada’s trouble with investment advisers

Facing a backlash over commission-based investment management, the financial industry is bracing for a coming wave of pressure to change