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Updated by Brieanna Bischoff on Nov 14, 2016
Headline for Solar cookers: A Safer Way and Better Way To Cook!
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Solar cookers: A Safer Way and Better Way To Cook!

In science class we are making solar cookers. We learned that people in refugee camps that have nothing to cook on use solar cookers. There are 3 of them that I will be talking about. Construction is the other thing that I will talk about.

Compare Solar Cookers - One Earth Designs

This website talks about the three different solar cookers. The three are the solar oven, panel cooker, and parabolic solar cooker. The panel cooker is not insulated and works best with little to no wind. The solar oven have a box that is insulated to cook the food. The parabolic solar cooker can cook all day as long a it has direct access to the sun. This website is good because it has a lot of information on each of the solar cookers.

Build a Solar Oven

This website tells you how to make the solar oven. This is the one that I am going to make. it seems like the best one. You will need a card board pizza box (like the one above),a pair of scissors, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and so much more. Three of the seven steps are listed below.
Step 1: cut the lid of the pizza box one inch from where it opens at.
Step 2: cover the part you just cut with aluminum
Step 3: use clear wrap to make an air tight hole that lats the sun light through

How to Build a Solar Panel Cooker

How to Build a Solar Panel Cooker. The Fun-Panel solar panel cooker can be built in less than an hour from a single cardboard box and some aluminum foil. This is significant because traditional solar panel cookers such as the Cook kit. It shows you how to make it in three steps. this one seems easier than the solar oven. Parts of each step will be listed below.
step 1: cut a cube box into two rectangle panels.
step 2: put them together like the picture shows on the website.
step 3: add support for the box with things like tape.

Let's go green! Build a Solar Powered Parabolic Cooker!

Let's face it, energy is expensive. Gas, electricity, whatever. So why pay to cook your food? The challenge I gave myself, was to cook a hot dog, without spending any money at all. No electricity, no new materials, nothing. And, there are no negative side effects on the environment, resulting from my hot dog. What I came up with was...the parabola. So by using the properties of parabolas, we're going to cook a hot dog. Essentially, we're using math to cook hot dogs.
This website has good information about the parabolic solar cooker. It shows you how to make it in 6 steps. This is really explains a lot about how to make it.

Solar Cookers: Types and Styles

This website is good because it says a lot about each solar cooker. It has different information than the other one. It compares them in a way


Here is how to make a solar oven with easy steps and easy materials, hope you like it! It works! If you don't like to read the steps than here is haw you do it

Cooking in Sakali Refugee Camp in Darfur

The solar cooker students from last year are training their neighbors in Sakali refugee camp near Nyala South Darfur. This is why solar cookers are great. They give people who have no stove a way to cook food.

How To Build a Solar Power Cooker - Conserve Energy Future

How to build a solar cooker? Solar cooking has become a way of life for many people who are trying to conserve energy and help the environment at the same time. Solar cooking can be fun and easy, and it’s great for the environment. Mrs. Herr wants to make a chicken dinner in one. This one seems to work well for thngs like that.