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Solar Cookers: The Guide to Using the Sun for Food

Solar Oven

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Hot Dog Cooker / Solar Oven

This Hot Dog Cooker / Solar Oven is simple and easy to make. They had it reach temperatures over 170 degrees Fahrenheit on a cloudless 80 degree day.


Thhis is a diy umbrella solar cooker. At this site it shows you the mateiral you will need to make it, and temperature it will reach, and all of the other details you will need. This is a more complex solar cooker but, definetely something to try.

Solar Cooking: Types of Solar Ovens

There are three main designs solar cookers fall into: the box, parabolic, and panel designs. This website shows the three different types of solar cookers, how they work, and a bit of history behind them. The design can be complex or very simple.

Solar Cooking Basics

At this website it tells how solar cookers are useful worldwide. It also tells you some helpful hints for a successful solar oven.

How does solar cooking work?

at this site it shows you how to use a solar cooker and items you may want to cook in them


Helpful Hints

  1. Directing sunlight: in this design sunlight is directed with reflectors, which help focus a wide area of light on a small space.
  2. Absorbing sunlight: this design uses black paint to help gather and absorb sunlight.
  3. Providing insulation: plastic wrap, a jar, or a plastic bag can be used to provide an isolative barrier between the food you are cooking and the air.
Cook with the Sun: Solar Oven Recipes -

At this site it shows you solar cookers in a larger spectrum. It shows you how hot and useful solar cookers can really be.

This is a helpful guide if you are a teacher wanting your students to make one. It shows some of the simpler smaller cookers that would be easier to make.