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Inspiration For Entrepreneurs

The most important strength any entrepreneur has is the ability to press through obstacles

We all need to be inspired.

Will you please share your favorite articles about yourself and other Entrepreneurs.

Together we can stay inspired to achieve our dreams and our visions and impact the world with our business. -Thank you

Overcome Fear In Business And Life

Blog post at Mompreneur Mogul : What if you fail? Who cares? So What? All that means is you just learned ONE way that it won't work. Just tell yourself,

What ties @ScaryMommy @Dooce @MompreneurMogul together- #SocialMedia

The power of social media you never know what it can do- I've received meetings, consulting opps, listed as Top 40 Woman to follow on Twitter and More- What can you do if you utilize social media?

10 Inspirational Life Quotes From Steve Jobs - Curated Quotes

Steve Jobs was an indisputably brilliant innovator and business man. He also had a way with words. When he died in 2012 he left us with a trove of brilliant advice and musings on life. Here are ten inspirational quotes about how to live a happy life that has purpose and meaning.

My Top 3 Big Fat Business Blogging Failures

If you've been around my blog for a while you've no doubt seen a few of my success stories. What you don't see that often are my big fat bus[..]

40 Pieces of Inspiration For Entrepreneurs

Here are forty tips designed to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, mavericks and aspiring innovators accelerate our collective and individual pursuits towards inspiration.

Top 10 Best Jobs For Moms And One Stinky One

As a MompreneurMake My Morning Blog Hop 3/26. Read more ... " I'm a asked all the time about the best jobs for moms Please Vote For Me Help Me Win Top 25 Tech Moms - . Read more ... " .

You Don't Need a PhD to Innovate - Dan Pallotta - Harvard Business Review

So you're not a nano-technologist. You don't know how to sequence the human genome. You confuse artificial intelligence with posing. Does this mean that you're useless — that you have no place in the 21st-century economy? Cheer up. You don't have to be Einstein to disrupt paradigms. Well, actually, you do — Einstein himself said that his greatest asset was his imagination, not his knowledge. The point is, if you can think, you can innovate....

Inspirational Interview with Marya Jan - Writing Happiness

Marya Jan of Writing Happiness has opened my eyes to how an everyday woman can turn a long time passion into a thriving source of income. Marya is a successful blogging coach, content creator, and a committed trainer.

Highlights From Tory Johnson's Spark And Hustle PLUS I'm On ABC News

I have some really great businessThe Dirty Little Secret Most Entrepreneurs Won't Tell You. Read more ... " advice to share with your from my recent trip to Phoenix while I attended Tory Johanson's Spark And Hustle event for women@Dove Real Beauty Sketches Forensic Artist Shocking Drawings. Read more ...

10 of the Most Innovative Small Businesses of 2013

No matter how far the marketplace advances, there will always be problems that plague consumers and that no company can seem to solve. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it creates a niche for the right company to fill. I am beyond excited that my soon to launch baby product the an interactive diaper changing pillow with a smart phone option that stops a squirmy baby when changing a diaper has made this list. Super excited :)