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The mission of is to bridge the gap between the Google Adwords adviser and the complex policies and guidelines that shut down so many businesses. We're here to give advice and help advertisers who have been kicked off of Google. If you have a business that has been kicked off then we want to help you get back on Google.

Features of a Successful Landing Page - BrainSINS - Smart ECommerce

Having a well-built landing page can help increase a site’s rankings, traffic, conversion, among other things. Great marketing agencies understand that developing a quality landing page is necessary for both paid and organic listings. Now there are many features that go into having a successful landing page, and these are some of the elements you need to implement.

How to Avoid Common B2B Digital Marketing Mistakes - Business Town

A powerful B2B Website can help increase organic rankings, organic traffic and conversions. Every business owner should understand how ranking in front of competitors in search engines can help bring in additional revenue. More visitors to a site means more opportunities for conversions, and a higher conversion rate means additional revenue. Read more

7 Reasons Your Site May Get Hit with a Google Penalty | Industrial Marketer

Why do some sites suffer a Google penalty, or a fall in search rankings?

Well, Google’s primary goal is to provide the most useful, relevant content to its users. Since 2000, Google has been tweaking its algorithm to streamline the ranking process to get users the best answer to their queries. It does this by mixing up the organic rankings based on a number of different factors.

Using Video to Increase SEO and UX | Video SEO | Comms Axis

As of 2014, 64% of internet traffic consisted of video, and projections put that number at 80% by 2019. Each day users view 5 billion videos on YouTube, which has a user base of nearly 1 billion people. It’s safe to say video is the content of the future. Video content and video marketing clearly have value for business growth and digital marketing strategies. In this post, Chris Hackman, Founder and CEO at Adficient, provides expert advice on video SEO and UX.

Original Content To Avoid Google Content Panda Penalties | The Web Centre

The Web Centre opens their blog’s doors to experts on Digital Marketing to offer their insights on different topics and enrich our site. This week we have a special post for all of those really interested in SEO...

Over the years we have been told to avoid duplicate content at all costs. Many people believe that if you are duplicating content, Google will red flag you and start penalizing your site. However, this isn’t necessarily the truth. Most people define duplicate content as taking content from one site or page and copying it to another page. This can lead to quite a lot of contortions on the part of content marketers trying to make unique pages. They could be worrying too much, and here’s why.

How Video Impacts Your Site's SEO Rankings

Google has been changing their search result listing, primarily by adding additional ads. With additional mobile searches we have seen Amplified Mobile Pages take over the top spots on Google (for specific queries). Search results are now returning images, answer boxes, and you guessed it, video within the top results...

25 ways to promote your blog post

Creating compelling content is one thing, but getting that content out there is quite another. In order to have a successful content campaign you need to get your content in front of people.

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Checkout Process for More Conversions

There’s hundreds of ways to get someone to leave your site or abandon your shopping cart. Find out different tricks and trips that can help your site convert at a higher percentage.

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