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The Sweetest Place On Earth

Hershey Park is not only filled with the sweetness of chocolate, but it is also filled with the thrill of rides! Below are the top 11 roller coasters at Hershey Park.




Being Hershey Park's oldest roller coaster still standing, Comet will give you the full thrill of a roller coaster: a fast speed, a steep drop, and a rickety feeling of anxiousness. Wooden roller coasters are more shaky than steel roller coasters, so Comet really shakes you around. Going at a maximum speed of 50 mph and having a 78 ft drop, Comet is a great roller coaster to start at before heading to its next door neighbor, Skyrush. Comet has multiple turns and will surely give you the thrill of a wooden roller coaster.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse is a roller coaster that makes multiple sharp turns that makes you feel like you are about to fall off the track. There is only one drop in the roller coaster, and it is very minor. Wild Mouse was opened on May 8, 1999, and is a huge hit for younger kids through adults. The duration time is about 2 minutes, and the length is 1,213 ft. Only going a maximum speed of 28 mph, this roller coaster does not normally require a lot of squeaking. Ugh, don't get cheesy with me!


Have you ever been on a roller coaster that goes both forward and backward? If you have, you probably went on a roller coaster similar to Sidewinder. Sidewinder's design is found in multiple theme parks, such as Stinger at Dorney Park. Only reaching a maximum speed of 47 mph, Sidewinder has a height of 116.5 ft and gives you double the thrill. There are 6 loops total throughout the roller coaster (3 going forward and 3 going backward).


This ride is purr-fect if you like fast wooden roller coasters! With a height of 106 ft and a maximum speed of 50 mph, this wooden roller coaster will throw you in for a loop. Wildcat is named after Hershey Park's first roller coaster Wild Cat that operated from 1923-1945. Wildcat was opened on May 26, 1996, and quickly took the place of the old Wild Cat. Wildcat is one of the fastest wooden roller coasters in the world! Doesn't this roller coaster sound like a paw-some ride?


How much longer until the top? Why can't I see the track anymore? Oh, no! We are at the top! AHHH! Would you believe that Fahrenheit is the 7th steepest roller coaster in the world? Fahrenheit has a 97° drop, and reaches a height of 121 ft. This roller coaster was opened on May 24, 2008, and is made out of steel. This roller coaster reaches a maximum speed of 58 mph, and has a duration time of 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Sooper Dooper Looper

Located across from Skyrush, the Sooper Dooper Looper, is a great roller coaster for those who don't like drops or heights. Going 45 mph, Sooper Dooper Looper has multiple turns, and a loop that the riders won't forget. This roller coaster reaches a maxiumum height of 75 ft, and the drop goes down on more of a curve than just a straight down drop. The duration time for this ride is 1 minute and 30 seconds, and is a perfect roller coaster to start your day off at Hershey Park.

Lightning Racer

Green Wins! Red Wins! Did you know that there is a roller coaster that races the other track? Lightning Racer has two different tracks with two different paths to the finish line. The green team, called Thunder, and the red team, called Lightning, race to the finish line. Whichever cart gets to the finish line first wins. A siren will go off and the color of the team that won will be rotating around the siren. Both tracks have the same height and speed, but some say one track has a more steep drop, while the other has more turns. In this video, you are part of the green team, but you can still see the red track.

Great Bear

It's hang time! This roller coaster has a unique feature that is unlike any of the other roller coasters at Hershey Park. The Great Bear is a hang roller coaster which means you have the feeling that you are dangling from the roller coaster throughout the ride. The Great Bear reaches a maximum speed of 58 mph, and has 4 inversions. An inversion is when a roller coaster track turns the riders upside-down and then returns to an upright position. The Great Bear only has a height of 90 ft, but it has a duration time of 2 minutes and 55 seconds. This roller coaster was launched on May 23, 1998, and is a very popular ride at Hershey.

Storm Runner

1...2...3...GO! Storm Runner is not like any ordinary roller coaster. At the beginning, you are at a still position, patiently waiting for the ride to begin. After around 2 seconds, you zoom forward at a speed of 72 mph. This roller coaster reaches a maximum speed of 75 mph. The duration time of this roller coaster is anywhere from 50 seconds to 1 minute. With a 180 ft drop, Storm Runner is a nail-biting and thrill soaring roller coaster.


BLASTOFF! Skyrush, Hershey Park's 12th roller coaster, was opened on May 26, 2012. This roller coaster reaches a speed of 75 mph, and a height of 200 ft. Skyrush is located in "The Hollow" section of Hershey Park, and the track is made out of steel. While going up on this roller coaster, you move at an insane speed and before you know it, you are already at the top. The drop of this roller coaster is 212 ft, and the duration time is exactly one minute.

Laff Trakk

Have you ever been on an indoor roller coaster where you are surrounded by glowing objects and are constantly spinning in direction? Laff Trakk, Hershey Park's newest roller coaster, combines the feeling of thrill with the feeling of amazement. Opened on May 23, 2015, Laff Trakk was an instant success. Even though the maximum speed is 40 mph, and the maximum height is 51 ft, Laff Trakk has visuals that will be trapped in your mind for the rest of the day.