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10 Things you need to pack in the hospital bag when going to give birth

Packing is never easy even when going on vacation because you never want to leave something behind. On the other hand, packing your hospital bag for your pregnancy is a much more serious occasion because leaving something behind might have ramifications on you and your baby’s first moments in this world. After researching on the items that come in the handiest after birth, a list of top 10 items that are crucial is listed here. These are things that you would not want to lacking in the birthing ward.


What do you need before labor?

What do you need before labor?

Contractions may come and go periodically, so, you might spend some time in the hospital before the actual labor process. Your top obgyn specialist in Brooklyn will surely check in on you to ensure everything goes smoothly.


This is what you might need:

The hospital will provide you with a gown, which is often enough but you might want to get your own if you prefer only to wear your own clothes. A robe would also be advisable in case you feel cold and a pair of slippers. Socks are needed to keep your feet warm. Also remember to carry 2 of each because they might get dirty and you will need to get changed.

Remember to have all the necessary paperwork you need for your identity and any documents required by the hospital. If unsure of what paperwork is required talk to your top obgyn specialist in Brooklyn. Don’t forget your birth plan, too. If you have created one, so that you can make the process exactly the way you pictured it.

Personal items
These are all your comforts, things that help you to relax and pass the time before the labor process begins. Carry a book, music player or pictures – whatever you need to make yourself as comfortable as you want. Don’t forget to have your toiletries with you as well. They may be essential in case you have particular preferences or allergies.
If you were planning on taking pictures or videos of the baby’s first moments, then make sure your birthing partner carries a camera and have spare batteries or a charger too, in order to capture every minute of this precious experience.

If you wear eyeglasses, make sure not to forget them.


What do you need after labor?

After your baby is delivered, the two of you will need a few things:

  1. Snacks
    Snacks are for you since you will probably feel exhausted. Carry your favorite snacks to munch on as you enjoy time with your new-born baby.

  2. Nursing bra
    After birth, your breasts will become filled with milk for the baby and your regular bra may not be very comfortable. Instead, a nursing bra will be perfect and also have breast pads to absorb any leaks.

  3. Maternity underpants
    A pair of loose cotton underwear will help you feel more comfortable and don’t forget to carry sanitary pads since you will experience bleeding after the birth.

  4. Nursing blanket
    This will be for your baby. You might want to use something of special significance to you and your partner since it will be the first piece of clothing your baby wears.

  5. A book on how to care of a newborn
    This is especially important for those women who are becoming mothers for the first time. With a second child, everything is easier as you normally have enough experience with giving birth and raising your first child.

  6. An outfit to go home
    You will normally need an outfit for when you are ready to leave the hospital and go home with your baby in your arms.
    None of these items will be of any use if you have to rush to the hospital because the contractions came earlier than expected.
    Make sure to have everything ready about the 8th month of your pregnancy as labor can start early and surprise you before the estimated due date. A good idea is to pack two small bags. One with the things you will need during labor and the other with the things you will need after the labor.

  7. What do you need for your newborn?
    Packing for your newborn is very important. Pack all the necessary items carefully and make sure to have everything packed and ready in your hospital bag.

  8. An outfit to go home
    Just as you have packed your own outfit for when you are ready to leave the hospital, don’t forget to pack an outfit for your newborn too. Don’t forget socks or booties, as well as a soft cap.

  9. A receiving blanket
    Don’t forget to bring a blanket to tuck around your baby when leaving the hospital, especially if the weather is cold outside. Even though the hospital will usually give you one, you might want to have your own blanket ready for your newborn.

  10. Install the car seat
    Don’t forget to install the car seat for your newborn as you won’t be able to drive back home without a car seat. Also, learn how to buckle your newborn correctly, if you don’t know how to do it talk to someone who does.


What not to bring to the hospital?

Even though you can bring almost anything with you in the hospital bag some things should be avoided.

You should not bring the following things with you to the hospital when going to give birth:
• Jewelry – you will not need any jewelry during childbirth
• A lot of money – there is no need for you to have a lot of cash with you. However, you can have some cash or your credit card which you can use at the vending machines found in every hospital or birth center.
• Medications – there is no need for you to bring your medications with you. However, you should talk to your top obgyn specialist in Brooklyn about any medications that you take. If needed, the hospital will provide the necessary medications for you during the days you will be hospitalized.
• Diapers – normally, the hospital will have the diapers your baby needs after birth. You can easily leave your diapers at home.
• A breast pump – you won’t need your breast pump with you as well, immediately after childbirth. If, however, for any reason you will need a breast pump, the hospital will provide it for you.


Get professional assistance before the time comes.

Talk to a specialist if you are unsure of any of these or have more questions related to childbirth. Visit Brooklyn Gynecology Place to consult with the best in town.