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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 5 of the Best Camping Sites around Guangzhou – Where to Get a Dose of Nature
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5 of the Best Camping Sites around Guangzhou – Where to Get a Dose of Nature

Located around Guangzhou are several excellent camping sites. If you wish to enjoy the remarkable wonders of nature, consider spending a night at one of these sites.


Lotus Mountain

Lotus Mountain is located at the mouth of the Pearl River in the Panyu District. This is a famous destination among those who love gorgeous scenery. The mountain complex is made up of 48 hills which are red in colour and rise up to a maximum elevation of 108 metres. This is an excellent camping spot as the area features many modern amenities and easy access via transportation. There are camping spots, barbecue facilities and even a large water park located in the Lotus Tower area. If you are hoping to enjoy camping at Lotus Mountain or other top camping sites in the area, it is a wise decision to choose a serviced apartment in Guangzhou such as the apartments at Citadines LiZhiWan Guangzhou as a base back in the city.


Fairy Maiden Lake

Located to the south of Shigang Seven Stars Cave, the lovely Fairy Maiden Lake features beautiful mountain scenery, lush greenery and mysterious wetlands. There are also several rivers and lakes that run through the area. The camping facilities at Fairy Maiden Lake include camping and barbecue facilities. The area is also home to fascinating ancient Buddhist structures and makes the perfect nature getaway in the winter or the summer.


Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is also known as the most beautiful area of Sheep City. Located to the north of Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain is one of the mountains in the Jiulian Mountain chain. Featuring gorgeous scenery the mountainous area covers an area of 28 square kilometres. Out of the many ridges and peaks in the area, the Moxing Ridge stands out at 382 metres. If possible, try and catch the view of the peaks illuminated by sunlight after a rain and one can clearly see why the mountain is named 'White Cloud'. In addition to lovely views, the area also presents ample camping facilities.


Nankun Mountain

The majestic Nankun Mountain covers an expanse of 1077 hectares. The area is ideal for camping and hiking as there are plenty of gorgeous peaks, rivers, rock formations and natural greenery to explore. Nankun Mountain is the ideal choice for an adventurous traveller as the temperatures change drastically from day to night. Nevertheless, the area is definitely beautiful during all four seasons and a must visit camping site for nature enthusiasts.



Located on the Dapeng Peninsula, the Qiniang Shan Country Park is home to the highest peak in the district of Shenzhen. There are several more peaks in the area but they are definitely not easy to climb. Between these mysterious peaks are winding streams, deep valleys and stunning waterfalls to explore. The park is surrounded by the ocean on three sides and features a beautiful lush evergreen forest. A single day won't be enough to explore the 40.3 square kilometres of Qiniang Shan Country Park.