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Email Marketing Tips For Etsy Sellers

NOT building an email marketing subscriber list is definitely one of the most harmful business decisions we can make as Etsy sellers. But even if we know to build that list it can be stressful trying to figure out what to write each day.

These articles have been carefully curated to help you establish your voice as an email marketer following a 5 step plan.

STEP 1 - Learn How To Operate An Email Marketing Machine
STEP 2 - Plan Your First Email Marketing Campaign
STEP 3 - Write Your Automated Welcome Email
STEP 4 - Use Best Practices & Helpful Tips to Craft an Email Series
STEP 5 - Make Adjustments & Improvements

How to Build an Email Marketing Machine

There are 5 stages to a solid email marketing strategy.

  • Indoctrinate – Teach them who you are
  • Engage – Get them to buy
  • Ascend – Get them to buy more
  • Segment – Learn what they want to buy next
  • Reengage/Win Back – Bring them back

In this case study, Ryan Deiss breaks down the moving parts of your machine and how to maximize profit through email marketing, moving customers and prospects from one stage to the next.

[Recorded Webinar] Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing – A Virtual Workshop Series for Retailers: The 15-Minute ...

Promoting your shop is like trying to hit a moving target. To maintain your email marketing sanity you'll want to create an editorial calendar. Get prepared by taking some time to plan out upcoming events and promotions.

  • Will you be planning any sales?
  • Are there any holidays coming up?
  • What are the holiday shipping deadlines your customers should know about?
  • Any important events?

Email is a great way to make these important sales and promotional announcements.

By planning emails on a quarterly basis you'll be able to spend less time wondering what to write and more time getting down to business.

This brief video will help you walk through scheduling your own email editorial calendar.

[SWIPE] Download The Perfect Welcome Email Template

Here's a nice shortcut for you. "The Perfect Welcome" email by is a simple but thorough opener for your indoctrination sequence. It's an easy fill-in-the-blanks downloadable email template that you can tweak to get started today.

A Simple Approach to Writing High-Converting Emails

Before you start writing it's important to recognize there are 3 important elements to a successful email…

  • The subject line
  • The body copy
  • The landing page

Each element has a single job.

The smart email marketer employs each element to do its singular job.

The frustrated email marketer uses the elements to perform multiple jobs or, even worse, the wrong job.

This article takes a look at each element and the role it plays in driving site visitors and conversions.

[PDF Download] Digital Marketer’s 101 Best Email Subject Lines

NOTHING happens until the email gets opened.

This post, by, breaks down the respective elements that went into these best performing subject lines (with nifty downloadable PDF versions at the end so you’ll always have subject line ideas within reach).

Even better? They're telling you what NOT to do in a subject line.

Use this article as a guide to find inspiration, make improvements and most importantly get your emails opened!

4 Emotional Triggers that Increase Email Click-Through Rate

Now that you’re getting those emails opened — you need to get the click.

This post breaks down the four emotional triggers that humans respond to. When you’ve finished you’ll understand the roles of:

  • Gain
  • Logic
  • Fear
  • Scarcity

These principles of persuasion can be applied anywhere you want people to take action and they’re sure to get more clicks from email.

7 Easy Email Scripts To Communicate With Your Art Collectors

So you've gone through your editorial calendar, filled in all the holiday specials and sales you want to have in the quarter and still have some dates left open...

Take a look at these email scripts for some interesting ideas to include.

30 Creative Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing

In 2015, email marketing drove 20 percent of online holiday sales.

Whether you want to drive online sales, boost year-end donations, or get shoppers into your store this holiday season, email marketing can help.

If you need some help getting started check out these 30 creative holiday email ideas from other small business owners:

More Email Swipes

If you're still looking for more email inspiration check out

This site is filled with successful email campaigns as well as other marketing materials you can get ideas from.

11 “Sneaky” Tricks To DOUBLE Your Email Conversions

Email marketing can be a tricky business.

Once you get your system set up and running and you're ready to start improving on your conversions it's time to take a moment to read this article.

Inside you'll learn

  • 11 ways to increase the results of your emails
  • How to avoid the spam box
  • How to keep your list healthy
  • and more.