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Top 5 Articles of the Month on Terminology - October 2016

What are lexicographers’ favourite words? | OxfordWords blog

Lexicographers are often asked about their favourite words: while some sigh at the question, Peter Gilliver has persuaded them to nominate their favourites.

I say Seychelles, you say sea shells: How words get misinterpreted at the UN General Assembly

As leaders gather for the United Nations annual General Assembly debate in New York City this week to outline their visions for the world, many will be listening to their words through the voices of interpreters. This can lead to some tricky — even comical — situations when issues of syntax, idioms, unknown words, accents and speed are at play.

Portmanteau & Compound Words: Ways to Plug Gaps in a Language

A portmanteau is a linguistic blend that occurs when the sounds, spellings and meanings of two words are combined to make a new one.

The smell of rain: how CSIRO invented a new word

Are you one of those people who can smell when the rain is coming? Ever wondered then what you're actually smelling?

Euphemisms are like underwear – best changed frequently – John McWhorter | Aeon Essays

Euphemisms are like underwear: best changed frequently. What work are they doing in our language and why do they expire?