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Best Baby Food Items in Sri Lanka – The Best Nutrition for your Baby

The early months are when babies require the best of nutrition. Thus, it is imperative that you give your baby the best baby food items so that they are healthy and their growth is well supplemented.



Enfagrow is one of the top baby food brands in the Sri Lankan market at the moment. This well reputed international brand which is part of the brand by Mead Johnson Nutrition, has been in the forefront of nutrition for babies and toddlers for many years now, and has a range of products which are sure to ensure the health and growth of your baby. This US based brand offers a range of products that include baby formula milk, milk powder, and oral vitamins. Although Enfagrow products are relatively pricey, you can be assured that these products are of very high quality, ensuring the best nutrition and sustenance for your baby. Some of the top Enfagrow products in the Sri Lankan market include Enfagrow A+4, and Enfagrow A-3 Baby Milk.


Farley's Rusks

Farley's Rusks have been one of the most common baby foods in Sri Lanka for decades. These iconic rusks, packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, are known for their assortment of flavors and versatility, making it a highly recommendable baby food item. Farley's Rusks come in their traditional cookie-like form and can be consumed by your baby just like a cookie. If your baby is still too young to eat solids on his/her own, you can always add some milk to the Farley's Rusk and dissolve it to create a Farley's Rusk porridge. Farley's Rusks makes for a great snack for toddlers and nutritious meal for babies, and fact that it is loaded with calcium, iron and vitamins is sure to assist your baby's physical and mental development. Many stores that offer online shopping in Sri Lanka, such as Keells Super, will readily provide you your stock of Farley's Rusks.


Bellybees Baby Food

Bellybees prides itself in being the first ready-to-eat baby food manufactured in Sri Lanka. Promising to be a reliable baby food solution for parents with babies and toddlers, Bellybees Baby Food offers a ready-to-eat formula that is rich in vitamins, minerals and all the other nutrients that are essential for your baby's healthy growth. Bellybees Baby Food comes in easy to dispose jars, and the formula within comes in a range of flavors, such as banana, mango, carrot & rice, and papaya. With attractive flavors, very affordable prices, and great nutritional value, Bellybees Baby Food is a highly recommendable baby food for your baby or toddler.


Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate is one of the premier baby food brands in the world today. With a wide variety of baby foods, ranging from formula for babies to baby-desserts, Cow & Gate offers high quality products that offer nothing but the best for your baby. Cow & Gate products considered to be mid-end products in terms of price making them easily accessible and available in most convenient stores in Sri Lanka. Top Cow & Gate products in Sri Lanka include Cow & Gate Formula S, Cow & Gate Premium Milk Powder, Cow & Gate Next Step, and Cow & Gate Baby Pudding. With all these great products, you can be assured that getting Cow & Gate baby food products will make your baby happy, healthy, and well-fed!


Heinz Baby Dessert

What better way to treat your baby than with a flavorsome and nutritious dessert? Heinz Baby Desserts are amongst the top baby desserts in the Sri Lankan baby food market as it is not only nutritious, but is guaranteed to put a smile on your baby's face. Heinz, being one of the most reputed brands in the international food market, offers these great baby desserts in an assortment of flavors, such as Custard & Vanilla and Pear & Banana.