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05 Must Know Forklift Maintenance and Operation Tips – Practise Safety

Stay safe knowing when your machine needs maintenance; plus knowing the correct method of handling the forklift will help avoid sudden accidents, increases output and ensures proper usage.


How Often to Service Your Forklift

Set up a Planned Maintenance Programme; this will help you to maintain a periodical check of the machine. Consider the type of the truck, is it diesel, propane or petrol each requires a different frequency of servicing. Conditions in which the lift is being used matter too; is it outdoors, in cold weather or a warehouse. Taking all these factors into consideration you can go on the general guide that a forklift needs to be serviced every 250 hours of usage or every 6 months, if the appropriate hours do not clock up.


How Often do Lift Truck Operators Need to Be Trained

Once the truck operators complete their initial training period and receive proper certification to operate the truck, they need to indulge in periodic training every 3 years. A practical test - probably midterm – after the first 18 months of training must be held. It is important to offer your operators upgrade training whenever a new machine is introduced, a machine that is unfamiliar is added to the workplace or the equipment in use is modified. Training upgrades are also required if the operators working environment changes or the type of load he is shifting or moving changes. Immediate training is required if an operating knowledge deficiency is detected in the forklift operator.


Seatbelts for Operators

It is necessary that the forklift operator wears a seatbelt or as it is better known an operator restraint system. If the machine is not fitted with one make sure to upgrade and include this restraint. A seatbelt is considered mandatory to the operator's safety in case of a tip over; which could cause a person to be trapped between the machine and floor if not properly restrained.


How Often to Change the Tires of the Forklift

Tire change in lift trucks vary according to many factors; consider how often the truck is used, the driving styles of the operator, the environment in which the machine is used, tire compound and weight of loads. A tires quality weighs heavily on its performance; material handling tires are specially designed to manage a forklifts many tasks. These tires are manufactured under various thicknesses and durability options; catering to a forklifts load weight, environment it is used in and frequency of use. High performance off the road tires as produced by GRI Tires and other industrial tire specialist are your best bet for quality, safety and durability.


How to Tell When Tires Must be Replaced

Check regularly for tire wastage; a worn tire will cause discomfort to the operator, makes transmission work tougher and creates poor under-clearance. 'Press On' tires must be replaced once the outer diameter is worn down to 1 ½ inches and Pneumatics must be replaced when worn down to 2 or 3 inches.

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