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05 Water Activities to do on Your Tropical Holiday in Maldives – Get Ready for Fun in the Sun

The luxurious resorts of Maldives offer one unimaginable experiences to savour. Memorable memories to last a lifetime; amongst these water based activities are the most popular.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the Maldives is not reserved to professional divers – the place is simply too stunning to be restricted to some. This is why many of the luxury resorts offer PADI diving certificates to enthusiastic 'wanna be' divers as young as 10 years. Around the North Male atoll you can experience the diverse nature of Maldives underwater life. The archipelago is home to some of the best dive spots in the world; with resorts such as Baros Maldives being within minutes of 30 top world class dive spots. These are undoubtedly home to the most exotic marine life and stunning coral formations.


Take on a Snorkelling Safari

Snorkelling is open to the whole family; not requiring any great skill other than for swimming this relaxing and highly rewarding sport is practised right off the shores of many Maldives resorts. Simply swim to the nearest reef and savour the sights below the waves. The archipelago is known for its crystal clear waters offering clear views to depths of over 30 metres in some instances. Join a snorkelling safari and tour the islands where you will encounter some of the most exotic coral reefs in Asia.


Take a Glass Bottomed Tour

If getting wet and swimming below the waves is not your cup of tea consider the pleasures of taking a glass bottomed boat tour. These specialised boats equipped with a viewing panel at its base allow you to observe the wonders below the wave's right from the comfort of your boat.


Ride the Waves in Maldives

Home to world class breaks the Maldives is loved for its surfing destinations. Chase the perfect wave by hooking up to a surfing safari and you will be surprised at the number of excellent non-disclosed surfing destinations across the islands. Enjoy the tranquil beaches and surfing to your hearts content together with skilled locals and other surfing aficionados.


Try Some Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing is a big lure in the Maldives. Many resorts offer fishing tours into the deep; although the country observes very strict fishing policies in order to safeguard its main livelihood fishing trips will prove to be quite rewarding. You can practise the popular catch and release system which is considered important to keeping a delicate eco-balance throughout the archipelago.


Night Fishing in Maldives

Night fishing is quite the rage in Maldives where guests are taken out to sea at dusk to catch the silvery fish that are spotted by moonlight. Night fishing is also a memorable adventure with the resort chef whipping up a delicious meal on an isolated island, using your freshly caught bounty from the ocean. Apart for fishing night sails are ideal for a bit of romance under a blanket of stars as the wind whips your hair and waves gently rock the boat.