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Accounting firms in UK

Are you looking for experienced accountants in Aberdeen or across the UK? DNS Associates is the most innovative and trustworthy accountancy firm. They offer accounting services across the UK. their team is very strong in accounting. Visit website for more detail Click here

Shareholders Agreement & Share Certificate Template UK

A shareholders' agreement is an agreement inserted into within all or some of the shareholders in a company. It manages the relation between the shareholders, the administration of the company, ownership of the shares and the assurance of the shareholders. Learn more about what is Shareholders agreement & Share certificate template UK. Know how to get & what document requires for Shareholders agreement & Share certificate.


UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa class allows for the business people. If you plan to set up or run a business in the United Kingdom and you should have available investment funds more than £50,000, you can extend or switch your visa, bring your family. Read more guidelines.

Tier 1 Visa UK for Investors & Entrepreneurs – How to Apply & Benefits

If you are a limited company or business owner, if want to take tier 1 visa for investor & Entrepreneurs UK. Here you need to know who can apply for Tier 1 Visa UK. If you have plans to set-up or run a business in the UK than that can apply for Visa. Read More

HM Land Registry - Property Search, House Prices & Fees in UK | DNS Accountants

HM Land Registry is a legal safe-conduct for land and property ownership in England and Wales. HM Land Registry is a non-ministerial department of the government of the United Kingdom, which was created in 1862 in England and Wales. Read more information about it at DNS Accountants provide easy to complete information.

HM Land Registry, HM Land Registry Title Deeds

HM Land Registry statements are digital, extremely we do not collect document title deeds. Usually, we solely have the original title deeds during land or estate is registered for the initial time, as we require them to prepare the register. If the register applies to deeds being filed, we should have inquired. Read more about HM Land Registry title deeds


Community Interest Company (CIC)

Community Interest Company (CIC)

A community interest company (CIC) is a kind of organisation founded by the UK government in 2005 below the Companies (Account, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004, created for social businesses that want to use their earnings and assets for the public good. Read more.

Know About FRS 102 VS FRS 105

FRS is applying for Financial Reporting Standard (It standard is comparable for huge UK corporations, and FRS 105 is using for applicable to micro-entities to micro-entities and the original standard. Know more regarding it read this blog on DNS Accountants.

Find Virtual office Space, Virtual Office Address UK

Virtual Offices Space in the UK: Learn about what is Virtual Offices Space. Its benefit, needs, and providers of Virtual Office Space/Address in the UK. If you are running a business in the UK, and you want to get virtual office address you should take an advice from our experts at DNS Accountants who will guide you easy step by step. How to you can register your business or office address in the UK.

Romanian Speaking Accountants & Tax Advisors in UK

Are you are looking for Romanian accountants in the UK for controlling your business if you want to take any assistance from Romanian accountants then that you can get help into the business. An Accountant makes your business is more reliable.

Public Liability Insurance & Business Insurance in UK

Public Liability Insurance is a section of the general insurance system to save the insurer of any class of risks of obligations taxed by claims and losses caused through it. Public Liability insurance is frequently a safety against 3rd person insurance claims i.e. the amount is given not to the buyer of the insurance. Read more

Tax Policies from Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat in 2017

Know about Labour party tax policies - Tax policies from Labour, Liberal and Conservative party Democrat manifesto in 2017l. Here at DNS Accountants, We have investigated the central tax obligations of the three parties. Read more at DNS Accountants

What happens when you claim bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy in the UK: state of bankruptcy, declaring bankruptcy & how to apply. Know what happens when you become bankrupt. If the cost of your assets is limited than the price of debt you owe, claiming bankruptcy may signify individual way out of a glutinous financial position. But, insolvency should not be requested haphazardly. After all, it's not an easy, simple cure-all for out-of-control debt. You can go bankrupt in there are two main ways.

Help to Buy ISA – Lifetime ISAs & Opening Help to buy ISA Account

Learn about ISAs - Lifetime ISAs v/s Help to Buy ISA. How to Open Help to buy ISA account with the bank, government bonds, withdrawing money and more. Best Help to Buy ISAs are a civilized option if you are a 1st-time buyer saving for a mortgage deposit. In this ISA can be earning up to 2.53% interest tax-free and then the state can add 25% free money, and it may well be £1,000s, on high of what you save.

Calculate Your Statutory Redundancy Pay

How to calculate your statutory redundancy pay? Calculate how much statutory redundancy you could obtain. It's based upon age weekly pay and plenty of years in the work. You only pass for statutory redundancy pay if you have controlled for your company for at least two years. visit DNS Accountant statutory redundancy pay calculators help you to calculate statutory redundancy pay for employees. Know more about Eligibility, Time & the pay you owe.

What does Housing Benefit Cover?

Housing Benefit may not include the total of your rent or the housing values which are involved in your rent. Housing Benefit will not comprise some expenses and services which can be covered your rent, for instance, charges for heating, water charges, lighting or cooking, hot water, and pays for meals or fuel. Read more on DNS Accountants.

What is a State Pension Age?

From 2019, the age of state pension will rise toward both women and men to approach 66 over October 2020. The government is preparing further progress, which will increase the state pension age over from 66 to 67 between 2026 and 2028. Read more

How to Check Your Credit Report ?

Employers could draw a credit report. However, the credit report prepared to employers is not the equivalent one that your lenders view. "When an employer checks your credit, it is called an 'employment screening,' and the credit departments have a separate product prepared for this purpose.

VAT on International Sales or Transactions in UK | DNS Accountant

If you are running a business on an International level. Here you need to know what the rules are for Vat on International sales or Transactions in the UK. Read more at DNS Accountants which guide you in a simple way on VAT and sale tax on international sales.

Transfer of Shares on Death of a Shareholder

If a shareholder dies the claim to his investment in the shares will transfer to whoever obtains them following his will or intestacy. The departed shareholder's benefits will be given by his or her administrators (if there is a will) or guardians of the property if the shareholder has deceased intestate. Read more

Company Liquidation, Voluntary Liquidation UK

Company Liquidation: Know about Process, creditors, voluntary liquidation & members, advantages & disadvantages of voluntary liquidation of a limited company in the UK. Company Liquidation is a method through which a company's survival is brought to an end. First, a liquidator is appointed, either by the shareholders or the government. The liquidator describes the advantages of every creditor. After these steps have been carried out, the company is formally dissolved. Read more

Know Bitcoins Tax Implications UK? Do I have to pay tax on Bitcoin profits in UK?

Bitcoins Tax Compliance & Regulations in the UK - How bitcoins are taxed? Taxes & activities concerning bitcoin sell, buy & profit gains and loss, bitcoin mining, capital gains tax & VAT on bitcoins. Get complete solution of Bitcoins tax implications UK. How Bitcoins are taxed in UK? Bitcoins is also known as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a new system of payment and the world’s first decentralized digital currency. Read more.

Know List Of UK Telephone Area Codes

In the UK, a standard landline telephone number is the sequence of the particular area code and a local number. The phone numbers that start with 01 or 02 are usually used both for home-based landline telephones or business landline telephones. Area codes can further be referred to as or “Dialling Codes” “STD codes”

Employment & Support Allowance - ESA Contact Number

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) contact number helps to find a job and appointments, Jobcentre plus contact details for claims. You need to know the number you call depends on which type of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) you want to apply.

What is need to cis registration?

If you have already registered as a sole trader or self-employed, but you should register under the CIS scheme, you need to contact for cis by helpline number. You will have to need yourself evaluation (UTR) Unique Tax Reference number if you start work. Get the complete information about cis registration read this blog on DNS Accountants

(nsandi) National Savings and Investments

*National Savings & Investment *– Comprehensive guide to NS&I Bonds Savings & ISA, & more. Know how to apply for NS&I, advantages, Eligibility & contact details. and in the Autumn Statement end year. Read more about nsandi at DNS Accountants!