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Most dramatic deaths in Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has never hesitated to kill patients to create some drama every now and then. However, the main characters are not safe either. Here are few deaths of the main characters that created a lot of noise among the fans and well, the series was just not the same anymore!

Harold O'Malley was father of George O'Malley and two other sons, Jerry and Ronny. The O'Malley patriarch was a truck driver with a passion for vintage cars. He died at Seattle Grace Hospital due to multi-system organ failure.

Henry Burton

Henry Burton was Teddy Altman's husband. He was a frequent patient at the hospital because he suffered from von Hippel-Lindau, a condition which made tumors grow in his body, to which he ultimately succumbed. He was then diagnosed with diabetes after undergoing a procedure, and having to remove a large portion of the pancreas.

Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey was the daughter of Susan and Thatcher Grey. She was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital until she died in the plane crash. After her death, the hospital was re-named after her and Mark Sloan, the two fatal casualties from the plane crash.

Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan was the Head of plastic surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital until he died following a plane crash. He is also the father of Sloan Riley and Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.

Denny Duquette, Jr.

Dennison "Denny" Duquette was a heart patient and love interest of Izzie Stevens. He died of a stroke following a heart transplant. Later, he appeared to Meredith as a ghost type figure and again to Izzie when she had cancer.

George O'Malley

George O'Malley was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital. As an intern, George got off to a rough start but quickly became a very skilled and talented surgeon. Fellow resident Izzie Stevens was his best friend and for a brief time, he was married to Callie Torres. He was kind-hearted, compassionate, and loyal. He died shortly after jumping in front of a bus to save a woman's life.

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd was an attending neurosurgeon and board director at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He was married to Meredith Grey and they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis and a son, Bailey.

Reed Adamson

Reed Adamson was a surgical resident working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. She previously worked at Mercy West Medical Center until it merged with Seattle Grace Hospital. She was murdered by grieving widower, Gary Clark because she refused to help him locate Derek Shepherd, stating she had a dying patient she needed to attend to.




Doc's cancer spread to his brain and they made the decision to put him to sleep. Although Finn had the means of disposing him, Meredith did not want him thrown away like garbage and so Derek agreed to have him buried at the clearing by trailer, overlooking the water. After he was given the injection, Meredith and Derek stayed with him while he died.

Ellis Grey

Ellis Grey is the mother of Meredith Grey and the ex-wife of Thatcher Grey. She is also the birth mother of Maggie Pierce. During her time, she was a world famous surgeon who was twice honored with the Harper Avery Award. She was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's.