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10 Great Thai Dishes to Try on Your First Visit to Phuket – Exotic Combinations

Thai food is well known across the globe as the perfect balance of spicy, savoury, sour and sweet. When in Phuket treat the foodie in you to a variety of delicious meals that promise to impress.


Tom Yam Goong

This spicy hot soup is well received; it is available with a variety of ingredients that include prawn, chicken or seafood. It is a spicy and sour treat that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds as the soup is infused with many herbs such as lemongrass, galangal leaves, kaffir lime leaves and loads of chilli. The beach restaurants Phuket is loved for serve many variations of this flavoursome soup.


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is more popular amongst the visiting tourists than the locals. This is probably due to its non-spicy factor. The dish is a combination of white noodles, vegetables and omelette stir fried to form a delicious and hearty dish. Pad Thai is widely available at the night markets which are a haven for trying various Thai dishes.


Khao Pad Thai

This dish is available just about anywhere in Thailand; it is quite a basic but delicious meal that consists of rice, vegetables and meat stir fried. Order the dish with your favourite meat; chicken is kai, pork moo and prawns koong. The rice is served with plik nampla which is a rich fish sauce infused with some very spicy chillies.


Tom Kha Gai or Tom Kha Kai

Here's an exotic Thai dish that is surprisingly not spicy. Tom Kha Gai is a hearty chicken soup made with thick coconut cream, mushrooms, galangal, lemongrass and tomato. It does contain a minute bit of chilli but not close to the spicy concoctions you find across the country.


Geng Kheaw Wan Gai – Green Curry

This is the popular green curry with chicken that is served with a bowl of steamed rice at just about any Thai restaurant. The chicken is cooked with eggplant and other vegetables with cholesterol lowering qualities. A definite comfort food to try the simple dish eaten with some soft fluffy steamed rice will certainly tantalize your taste buds.


Khao Soi Gai

This is a northern style curry noodle that is accompanied with a chicken thigh, pickled cabbage, shallots, lime, delicious dry chilli oil and crispy noodles. The dish is made with egg noodles and is quite a hearty meal enjoyed hot. The Dee Plee restaurant at the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort specialises in Khao Soi Gai and other traditional Thai food.


Massaman Nua

This is a southern dish that is slow cooked beef cheeks and crunchy peanuts that are cooked in a delicious massaman curry and well-seasoned with tamarind.


Pla Grapong Neung King

This dish is quite a treat and one best enjoyed at one of the luxury Phuket beach resorts. It is a whole seabass that is skilfully cooked in Thai herbs infused soy sauce.


Krapow Moo

Made with pork, chicken or fish this widely available dish is cooked with chilli and basil leaves. It is served on a bed of steamed rice and topped with a fried egg. Mind you the dish can be quite spicy unless you request that chilli levels are toned down.


Som Tam

This is grated green papaya salad that is an acquired taste. Some like it and cannot get enough while others need to get used to the flavours. It is available as spicy or extremely spicy and is served with raw black crab and sticky rice or cold rice noodles.

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