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Guiyang Special Cuisines – Enjoy a Fragrant and Spicy Taste

Located in south-west China, Guiyang is the capital of the beautiful Guizhou province. The cuisine there is known for its use of local game and exotic vegetables offering a fragrant spice & flavour.


Refined Spicy Fish with Crispy Skin

A staple tradition of Guizhou this is a speciality dish in Guiyang made especially for entertaining guest. The bright red coloured dish is slightly sour with salty, sweet and spicy undertones. The very fragrant dish is full of flavour enhanced with the delicious crispy fish skin.


Changwang Noodles

This is a very popular snack you will come across in Guiyang; it is also known as Changyi Noodles. The dish originated in the latter part of the Qing Dynasty and is not just noodles; the dish is carefully prepared using the best quality flour, the large intestines of a pig and minced meat. Overall about 20 various ingredients go into preparing this very flavoursome dish. The noodles are thin and crispy while the broth or soup is red in colour, spicy and very aromatic.


Other Delicacies to Try

There are a number of local dishes that are a must try if you are an ardent foodie. These include fish in sour soup; shreds of fried fish served with crusts of amor phrophallus rivieri, diced and stir-fried eels, mandarin pigeon, Daozhen grey bean curd and salty and sour wild vegetables. And yes they are as wholesome and mouth-watering as the names imply.


Guiyang Snacks to Try

Local snacks are very famous and one cannot resist the spicy aromas drifting around busy shopping precincts. Here are a few popular options to try; beef rice noodles, bean starch noodles, soft, sweet, oily steamed buns called posubao and siwawa which is noodles served with shredded turnip, potato, mung bean sprouts, kelp and pickles. There is also the delicious option of tasting glutinous rice cakes carefully wrapped in lotus leaves, baked smelled bean curd, yellow rice cakes and a fried bean curd called love bean curd.


Popular 'Snack Streets'

Hequn Road - open from late evening to midnight is a famous snack locale; there are many stalls selling low-cost traditional snacks for those of you wandering around the province at night. Many of the kiosks specialise in roast meats, fish, chicken and mixed vegetables.


West Qianling Road

This place too is located close to Hequn Road but specialises in more complete meals and good restaurants. The area is well known for specialising in Mala-Tang, home style cuisine and chafing dish buffets.


Xinhua Road

The restaurants on this road are elegantly decorated and serve excellent local delicacies. You may want to browse Mao Hunan's Restaurant and Hundred Chicken Banquet.


The Ancient Town

Looking at Guiyang restaurants offering fine dining in elegant settings is The Ancient Town restaurant; it is located at Anantara Guiyang Resort and offers a marvellous selection of traditional fare and Chinese favourites. You could also try the Sichuan restaurants located around Yanwu Street.

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