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05 Best Strategies to Optimize your Health – Enjoy a Boost in Wellbeing

Change your lifestyle by learning how to replace processed food with healthy options, cutting out medication and relying on natural remedies as well as planning a healthy life pattern for the family.


Rely on Sprouts

Eating a healthy dose of sprouts will help your body to better absorb essential fats, amino acids, minerals and vitamins from food. When a seed is in the sprouting process minerals such as magnesium and calcium bind to proteins, this in turn makes sprouts bioavailable. The highest percentage of protein is present in sunflower and pea sprouts plus the sprouts of sunflower seeds are very high in chlorophyll and iron which are essential factors in detoxifying the liver and body.


Eat Fermented Vegetables

Fermented food is well known for keeping the gut healthy; this is due to the culturing process during the fermentation of food creating probiotics. Fermented food is also known to be chelators which help in drawing out toxins and heavy metals from your system.


Get Plenty of Sun

The immense benefit of Vitamin D is highly regarded; especially after the discovery that vitamin D influences 2,000 of the 30,000 genes found in your body. This fact has recognises the vitamin as being an essential healing agent for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, depression and heart disease. Sun exposure is the best agent for obtaining vitamin D and can easily be an enjoyable experience if you combine this with plenty of jogs and walks in morning sunlight. Why not talk to a personal trainer Toronto is home to and work out a fitness schedule that has you enjoying the great outdoors.


Indulge in Sporadic Fasting

Sporadic fasting will teach your body to burn stored fats as energy reserves. Sugars and carbs are burned as primary fuel when you introduce intermittent fasting routines. This process is also known to cause a boost in human growth hormone cells (HGH); which is a 1,300% in women and 2,000% in men. Fasting at intervals is also ideal for maintaining insulin and leptin levels as well as reducing inflammation. It is important to drink plenty of water during a fasting session as it assists in flushing out toxins. If you are concerned about proper diet and nutrition talk to a fitness agency and get yourself a proper nutritious eating plan as well as a fitness regime to match. In Toronto First Class Personal Training will be able to assist you.


High Intensity Exercise

Again it is recommended to hook up with a good personal trainer in order to try out tailor made high intensity workout sessions. These are planned taking your personal health into consideration and offer proper advice on duration and intensity of routines. Cardio workouts cause a boost in human growth cells which is key in maintaining top health, vigour and strength. Cardio workouts help to improve muscle growth, increases insulin sensitivity and helps with fat loss.