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Tire Recycling Equipment

Intro Video, Tire Recycling Plant, ECO Green Equipment

Intro Video, Tire Recycling Plant, ECO Green Equipment ECO Green Equipment, USA (801) 505-6841

ECO Green Equipment Tire Recycling Equipment Overview

ECO Green Equipment is home to the latest technology for scrap tire processing and recycling. This overview video highlights our turn-key tire recycling plan...

OTR Tire Shredding - ECO Green Giant Shredder

OTR tire shredding video of the ECO Green Giant Two-shaft shredder from ECO Green Equipment, USA.

Industrial Tire Recycling Equipment & Shredders

ECO Green Equipment featured online with   ECO Green Equipment is pleased to share our online feature by this month.

Tire Shredders - Tire Recycling - ECO Green Equipment, USA

Eco Green's two-shaft shredders are designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology for tire reycling. As the primary shredder it quickly and easily shreds tires into ruff strips ready for further processing. The shredder blade thickness ranges from 1" to 6" (25 mm to 152 mm) depending on the type of tires, throughput, and desired end product. Our shredders can process OTR tires, large truck tires and car tires at a rate of up to 12 tons an hour.

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Control Panel - ECO Green Equipment USA - Tire Recycling Equipment

ECO Green Equipment provides a sophisticated electronic control panel for each tire recycling equipment station. These controls allow the processor full control and visual on their tire recycling operation.

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ECO Green Equipment, USA

ECO Krumbuster® System Video | Tire Milling Equipment

ECO Krumbuster® Module Video featuring the commercial grade ECO Krumbuster® cracker mill for fine tire and rubber grinding/milling.

ECO Green Equipment, USA. (801) 505-6841

Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) - Recycling Tires - ECO Green Equipment, USA

Eco Green's tire derived fuel (TDF) recycling plants are efficient and affordable. They produce clean cuts and consistent sizing for your TDF needs. TDF is the largest market for processed scrap tires. TDF has become a very popular source of fuel in coal-burning plants because it burns cleaner and hotter than coal.

Contact an ECO Green representative today for assistance in your tire recycling project.

Cutting Chamber, Waste Tire Recycling Equipment, ECO Green Equipment, Shredding Tires

ECO Green Equipment Presents the cutting chamber for our tire recycling machine. This is a great system for many applications: Truck Tires, Car Tires, OTR Tires, TDF Tires, Tire size reduction, tire shredding, tire disposal, tire cutting, tire rough shreds, tire crumb rubber.

Crumb Line Video, Tire Recycling, ECO Green Equipment

Eco Green's Crumb Rubber is a tire recycle plant proven to convert whole scrap tires into high quality, uncontaminated crumb rubber. This tire recycling plant is designed to process 1 - 8 tons an hour of 10 mesh crumb rubber. Our equipment allows the customer to adjust the equipment screens for precise sizing control and flexibility for output sizes for recycling tires. Our Crumb Rubber Systems also utilize a variety of conveying and separation technologies to minimize product losses, maximize efficiency, and maintain a clean operating environment.

Plantas de Caucho Libre de Acero, Reciclaje de Llantas Usadas, ECO Green Equipment

Las plantas de caucho libre de acero de ECO Green son la solución perfecta para quienes requieren TDF libre de acero o mulch de caucho. El mercado del mulch de caucho es el de mayor crecimiento, con crecimientos del 30% anual. Los usos más comunes son jardines, parques infantiles e instalaciones deportivas.

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Video de Las Trituradoras, Trituradora de Llantas, Reciclado de Llantas, ECO Green Equipment

Las trituradoras de dos ejes de ECO Green están diseñadas con una tecnología agresiva de bajas RPM y alto torque. La primera etapa de trituración convierte

Video de TDF, Trituradoras de Llantas, Reciclaje de Llantas, ECO Green Equipment

Eco Green tire recycling plants to produce TDF are very efficient and affordable. The TDF produced is characterized by its clean cuts and consistency in the required dimensions. TDF has the largest market in tire recycling and has become a very popular source of fuel in coal incineration plants because of its cleaner and more efficient combustion than coal. For every pound of PTO used, up to two pounds of charcoal can be substituted. A turnkey wheel crusher plant ready for your business. 

Rubber Granulating Plants, Tire Recycling, ECO Green Equipment

The Caulos Granules plants are plants designed to convert whole tires to high-quality, contamination-free rubber granules. This plant has the capacity to produce up to 8 tons per hour of # 10 mesh rubber granules. Our tire recycling equipment allows you to exchange the sieves to accurately control the size of the finished product and to have flexibility with the desired product size. Our plants also use a variety of conveyors and separation technologies that minimize product losses, maximize efficiency and maintain a completely clean operating environment for tire recycling.

Industrial Tire Recycling Equipment & Shredders

By the end of 2015, only 11% of scrap tires produced in the US were going to landfills. 11% might sound small, but that’s still 460 thousand tons of tires going to waste (Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association). The costs of not recycling tires are great and come in a variety of unpleasant rubbery flavors. It’s such a serious issue, in fact, that many states have passed regulations on proper tire disposal, but a significant amount of illegal dumping and improper storage still occurs, which means that we haven’t quite eliminated that rubbery taste from society’s proverbial mouth.

Industrial Tire Recycling Equipment & Shredders

A wall of dense black smoke creeps into the sky. A horrible stench fills the air. Intense heat drives back firefighters, while thick soot clings to their clothes. Suddenly, a pocket of methane gas explodes upwards, creating a blowtorch that shoots flames 30 feet in the air.

ECO TDS (Tire Derived Shred) System - Costa Rica - ECO Green Equipment

Latest ECO TDS (Tire Derived Shred) System for processing whole scrap tires installed in Costa Rica.

ECO Green Giant | ECO Grater | ECO Krumbuster® - 2017

Video short highlighting the ECO Green Giant primary tire shredder, the ECO Grater secondary tire shredder, and the ECO Krumbuster® fine grinding mill for rubber. See for more information.