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Headline for Must Visit Countries in Africa – The Best of the Wild Continent
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Must Visit Countries in Africa – The Best of the Wild Continent

The fabulous African continent is wild, eccentric and totally unpredictable. Some of the best holiday adventures await you at fabulous resorts spread across this exotic land. Read on and choose.



Plenty of opportunity for adventure awaits you in Mozambique. Savour the traditions and culture while enjoying the beach life, gorgeous coastlines inundated with swaying palms and a happy go lucky vibe that's infectious. Look forward to scouring white dune beaches, diving and snorkelling amongst vibrant coral reefs and exploring remote archipelagos such as Bazaruto; just 30kms from Mozambique and home to excellent luxury resorts - where adventure and exploration await the discerning traveller. The Bazaruto National Park is one of the most stunning sites around the southeast African nation and promises a holiday of utter relaxation free from the hassles of modern day stress.



Get ready to be stunned by the outlandishly beautiful landscapes of Namibia. An elephant roaming ground; exploring the country promises to be a gigantic adventure. Namibia is not short of natural wonders and you can visit the 'Mighty Gash in the World' at Fish River and be enthralled by the wildlife utopia that is marvellous Etosh National Park. Apart from the lush greenery and wildlife, the stark red desert landscapes promise to blow your mind; nothing will prepare you for the sights of huge granite slabs rising out of the glistening red desert sands above which an azure blue sky lies suspended. Matching these elegant outback settings are the luxury hotels that Namibia is not shy of; you can choose from many hotel brands for that niche accommodation that best suits you. Helping you choose top accommodation across the African Continent is hotel chains such as Minor Hotels.



Tanzania is all about the culture, the wide open plains, the simple local folk and amazing sunsets. Of course, before the mesmerising effect of a setting sun, you will be engulfed in the warm glow of a rising sun washing the rolling plains in a bath of dewy gold. Elephants and birds roam the grasslands, busy bustling markets thrive with vendors selling all manner of local nick knacks and you are rewarded with experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Tanzania is where you throw off the shackles of modern living, relax and embrace nature in its abundance. Be smart and enjoy this fabulous country to the fullest by choosing accommodation from an international hotel group.



Wild and totally freeing Zambia is where you will be one with nature. Look forward to adventures and exploration in the bush for in Zambia the wildlife roam free and predator and prey are on one ground. Of course, you are kept totally safe within five star luxury resorts although the aspect of 'wilderness' is well preserved for a taste of the exotic. Look forward to stories around the fireplace and visiting the gorgeous Victoria Falls; go one step further and book a romantic resort sitting on the edge of the lustrous falls. Zambia is where you will get a chance to discover diverse and exotic wildlife, bask in the rugged beauty of nature and enjoy a culture and tradition that has not changed since time immemorial.