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Headline for D Block Biomimicry 2016
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D Block Biomimicry 2016

Resources for D Block Biomimicry course

Beak provides streamlining : Kingfisher - AskNature

If a kingfisher had a rounded beak, such as on the left, it would push water ahead of it, scaring or displacing the prey. Instead, the wedge-shaped beak and head (right) enters the water without a splash, increasing the changes of a successful hunt. Artist: Emily Harrington. Copyright: All rights reserved. See gallery for details.




BiomimicrySA is the South African regional Biomimicry network for connecting to biomimics locally and globally, as well as for learning and doing biomimicry.

8 amazing examples of biomimicry

Inefficiency doesn't last very long in nature so human engineers and designers have been increasingly looking to Mother Nature for solutions to their problems.

Biomimicry Explained

Center for Biologically Inspired Design

How one engineer's birdwatching made Japan's bullet train better

A high-speed rail operator needed its trains to be faster and quieter. Its manager turned to owls and kingfishers for inspiration.

Shinkansen Train - AskNature

The Shinkansen Bullet Train has a streamlined forefront and structural adaptations to significantly reduce noise resulting from aerodynamics in high-speed trains.

AskNature - Innovation Inspired by Nature

Find biological strategies and inspired ideas relative to your innovation challenges, so you can emulate time-tested forms, processes, and systems.