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Terravore - Thrash metal from Bulgaria !

This is Terravore's debut, released on 6th of March - Apocalyptic Impact. You can listen the full release bu the link below. Terravore - Apocalyptic Impact
It is recorded in "Playground Studio" in Varna,Bulgaria.
1.Awakening of Yellowstone (Intro)
2.The Chicxulub Impactor
3.Abominable Rancor
4.Dark Side of The Force
5.Age of Modern Slavery
6.Post-Apocalyptic (Outro)


Terravore's facebook page

Check our facebook page for more photos,videos and information about the band!

Terravore - Chemical Warfare (Slayer cover)

This is our cover from Blacksteel's compilation "Reigning in the Abyss" released on 6th of May 2016. This is our Facebook page -


Death Metal Bulgarian Fans Vol. 3 will be released digitally on 13th of January.

Death Metal Bulgarian Fans Vol. 3 will be released digitally on 13th of January.

We are part of this great Bulgarian compilation with the song "The Chicxulub Impactor". You can check the lyrics below:

Floating through the deep ice cold space
One million megaton chondritic meteorite
Deadly influence, menacing approach
Breach in the atmosphere, Chicxulub Asteroid

Initial impact, inhumating blast
Catastrophic purge, incinerated Earth
Devastating shock waves, noxious cloud of ash
Giant tidal wave

Fulminating mass, ejected pyroclasts
Excavated crust, asphyxiating dust
Prehistoric dawn of mass extinction
Global cataclysm

Bio genocide, terminal world demise
All hope now is lost, asteroid holocaust

Toxic atmosphere, bleak lithosphere
Desolation void, uninhabitable zone
Stratospheric fog of tephra overcast
Pouring acid rain

Oxygen declines, vegetation dies
Temperatures degrade, anomalous climate change
Crateceous-Paleogene, end of Mesozoic Age
K-Pg Extinction

Lifeless landscape, erosion, decay
Withering lifeforms, starving to death
Wide range of species, killed by asteroid
Chance for survival...will die

Terravore - Apocalyptic Impact [Full EP] [Thrash Metal Bulgaria]

This is our full debut. Recorded in "Playground Studio"in Varna,Bulgaria. Check our facebook page 1.Awakening o...

1.Awakening of Yellowstone (Intro)
2.The Chicxulub Impactor
3.Abominable Rancor
4.Dark Side of The Force
5.Age of Modern Slavery
6.Post-Apocalyptic (Outro)

Support your local thrash metal underground !

Bands - Suicidal Angels, Terravore
Where - Mixtape 5, Sofia, Bulgaria
When - 23th of February
Entrance - All ages - 25 - 30 leva
Facebook event -


Lyrics of "Abominable Rancor"

Lyrics of "Abominable Rancor"

Savage attacker emerged from the black abyss
Superior class of weaponry
Gigantic claws, ferocious mandibles
Killer instinct, rapid movements
Creeping shadow in the obscure corners of
Sub-terrestrial cavities
Prodigious, monstrous rancor

Solid mass of muscular anatomy
Capable of smashing its way through stone
Thermal sensors, enhanced precision scent
Heavy footsteps causing earthquake
Indicating presence of super-massive threat
Approaching from the gloom
Subsequent, portentous onslaught

Flesh devouring mass carnage
Torsos torn to shreds
Fractured skulls and bones
Vile dismembered, ruptured limbs
Severed carcasses
Stench of raw entrails
Abominable Rancor

Dragged down the rancor's cave, petrified by fear
Feast upon the wounded prey, masticate and engorge

Internal bleeding, traumatized spinal cord
Stunned by a violent blunt force hit
Concussion, fall, instant mortem, death
Most voracious feeding frenzy
Gormandizing flesh and bone, leaving gory trails
From eviscerated corpse
Tremendous, atrocious slaughter


Lyrics of "Dark Side of The Force"

Lyrics of "Dark Side of The Force"

Bolts of lightning, Channeling wrath
Telekinetic, Force choking attack
Laser swords, Split bodies in half
Unlimited power, Succumb to the dark

Dark side of the force (x2)

Anakin Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine
Darth Tyranus, Destroy the Jedi knight!

Obsessed with fear, Fueled by hate
Release your anger, Unleash all the pain
Strike him dead, Kill with no remorse
My new apprentice, Consumed by the dark

Dark side of the force (x2)

The dark side of the Force
Is a pathway to many abilities
Some considered to be unnatural

Phantom menace, Attack of the clones
Revenge of the sith, Reign of the Dark Lord
From Yavin 4, To the planet Hoth
Galactic Empire, Controlled by the dark

Dark side of the force (x2)


Lyrics of "Age of Modern Slavery"

Lyrics of "Age of Modern Slavery"

Killers, Deceivers, Hypocrites
Claiming to fight against
Terrorists, Extremists, Communists
Fictional Enemies of
Liberty, Humanity, Democracy
That really turns out to be
Tyranny, Poverty, Insanity
The Policy of the

North Atlantic Terror Org.
Bringing Peace by dropping Bombs
Causing civil Casualties
In the Name of Liberty

Traitors, Dictators, Destroyers
Intervening sovereign
Territories, Colonies, Boundaries
Corrupting all their
Industry, Economy, Morality
Obliteration of
National Dignity, History
Surrender to the

North Atlantic Terror Org.
Bringing Peace by dropping Bombs
New World Order Tendency
Age of modern Slavery

Inhuman Virus from the USA
Dominates above the World today
Sick Ambition of a western Nation
Overlord of all Abominations

Terravore - .44 Caliber Brain Surgery (Demolition Hammer cover)

11.03.2016 @Live & Loud (Thrash Before The Spring)
Cover of the American thrash mega maniacs - Demolition Hammer.
All rights to them and their label.
Lyrics below:

Incarcerated by my fear, paranoia
I'm condemned to live a wretched life
Confinement in a sterile world isolation
Disconjunction with society
Boiling my food to exhume the parasites
Diet infectious
Water flowing through, filters for distilling
Organisms infesting
Oxygen tanks, a breathing apparatus
Perpetuates vitality
Beleaguered by repulsion of defilement
Functional disorder of the mind
Obsessive aberration of absolute purity
Neurotic compulsion
Accursed affliction
Gnawing lamentation
Deteriorating intellect
Distortion of perception
Self proclaimed diagnosis
Drastic resolution
Self prescribe a red hot slug
White knuckle pistol grip
Load the chamber, hammer cocked
Jam the barrel in my mouth
Need a reprieve from my misery
Unrelenting anxiety
All ask is one final plea
. 44 caliber brain surgery... Surgery
[Leads Sykes, Reilly]
Purgatorial euphorium
Banish my affliction
Lead forged entry wound, exempting me from
Melancholic psychosis
Cybernetic annihilation
Finally set me free
Released from my coma, denied death's crushing jaws
Prolonged tortured existence
Informed by physicians, an amateur lobotomy
Deprived of an autopsy
Psychotic abortion
Grey matter negated
Premeditated remedy
Procedure of extremity
Thought I had a master plan
. 44 in my hand
Assassination was my goal
Polluted filthy world a loathe
Suicide with no success
Abolished my obsessiveness
Propelled the cure emphatically
Change convictions radically
Practising without a degree
. 44 caliber brain surgery

Terravore - Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover)@Club Smile Varna

Supporting Poppy Seed Grinder
"Slowly We Rot" by Obituary !
Full rights to the band and their label.
Lyrics below:

Kill all.
Fight death.
Lesions fighting love.
Fight them all in a living hell.
Slowly rot and you die.
You fight death as you slowly realize.
Kill them all.
Fight death and slowly read in the love.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we rot.
Slowly we rot.

Dead to all.
Fighting as you slowly read in your love.
Fighting the sword.
The sword is your plow.
Dead to all.
Fighting as you're slowly rotting in hell.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we dwell.
Slowly we dwell.

Kill all, thy tainted
Withered soul
I, know

Vile is pussing, living it out
Slowly rotting and dying
You might definetly feel
The distorting of (all), (your) life
(The below is a real question mark)
Kill all who find death is not
(To be) slowly rotting out. ??

Furthermore join me
Slowly we rot..
Slowly we rot..

(This is also a question mark?)
Then the one who finds death
Is not (to be) slowly rotting out
Violently distorting
As his soul is leaking blood
Then the one will find the truth
Of slowly rotting out

Futhermore join me
Slowly we dwell..
Slowly we dwell..

To die......



  1. Tingor - Intro 00:00

  2. Eufobia - Graveyard 00:59

  3. Scapegoat - Embrace From Beyond (DMBF Mix) 04:13

  4. A.B.M. - Dead World 08:48

  5. hereAndNow - rebuildAndDestroy 13:18

  6. Enthrallment - Totally Dismembered 18:05

  7. Past Redemption - Homicide 22:22

  8. Clot - Dead 26:13

  9. ITSI - The Old Invoker 30:22

  10. Necromancer - Promise 33:39

  11. lieVeil - Automaton 38:09

  12. Plague - Of Black Sorcery 43:52

  13. Hellrider - The Torment Of The Weak (Demo) 46:32

  14. Day Оf Execution - Final Gift 51:15

  15. Mrakobes - Waves That Tame The Wind 55:09

  16. The Next Dimension - Sundiver 59:14

  17. Abductor - They Must Die 01:05:33

  18. Terravore - The Chicxulub Impactor 01:08:58

  19. Lucretia - Bloody Night 01:13:20

  20. Grimaze - Survival Of The Fittes 01:18:09

  21. Historian - Edinnu 01:22:58

  22. Verecundia - Niveus '1996 - (Bonus Track) 01:28:24

  23. Stormsheim - Um' ned Vergnaavr (Ek Trollge Naugr) '1996 - (Bonus Track) 01:35:04

This is vol.3 of the free compilation put together by the Bulgarian Death metal Fans community at Facebook ( All the songs are presented with the courtesy of the bands. All the rights exclusive to the bands. No profit is to be made of this compilation. The purpose here is to promote and popularize the extreme scene of Bulgaria!

Cover artwork: Plamena Bareva

Terravore - Starkiller Live at Club 13

Great show with the Romanian death metal band Cadavrul !


Terravore to enter the studio in two weeks!

We are ready to record our first full-length. We will enter the studio in two weeks. Will record all the parts in the Playground studio located in Varna, Bulgaria. The mastering and mixing will be done by other guy, from Spain, which we will reveal in the future.


Upcoming release!!!!!!!

Upcoming release!!!!!!!

Our upcoming album "Unforeseen Consequences" will be officialy uploaded at 10th of November by the YouTube channel "New Wave of Thrash Metal". By the end of the year, the German label "Heathen Tribes", will release the album on audio tapes and somewhere around the middle of 2018's spring, "Stormspell Records" will release the album on CDs. You'll be able to buy it from physicly and digital from the labels, bandacmp or us. Below you can check some information about the album, the recordings, tracklist etc. The artwork is done by Anton Atanasov.

1. Lethal Vaccine
2. Starkiller
3. Vigor Leech
4. Scaphism
5. Terror Doctrine
6. Carbonized Corpses
7. Of A Dying World
8. Catatonia (Instrumental)
9. Spectrum Of Death (Unforeseen Consequences)

Recorded, mixed and mastered in PlayGround studio in Varna, Bulgaria, with the kind help of Marin Marinov, Atanas Machev and Todor Voynski of the death metal band ABADDON. Guest backing vocals of songs #6 and #9, by Kiril Kirilov, the ex-frontman of Hyperborea. The album is recorded during the summer of 2017.

All the lyrics are written by Kalin Bachvarov.
The music is written by Ivan Lazarov, except "Vigor Leech".
Kalin Bachvarov and Trendafil Trendafilov are co-writters of every song.
Ivan Lazarov is co-writter of "Vigor Leech".

Terravore - Of a Dying World (Live at C'est La vie, Shumen, 05 Sept 2015)

This is the song "Of A Dying World" live in Shumen, Bulgaria. The year is 2015.


Mini Bulgarian Tour with Chronosphere and Speedclaw

Terravore will take a part of the Chronosphere's second European tour in three Bulgarian gigs.

14 of April - Plovdiv - Post-Culture Stage
15 of April - Burgas - "Bar Bez Ime"
16 of April - Varna - Club Smile